10 Best 4x4 Vacation Adventures in the USA

Sports and Recreation

June 7, 2018

We go four-wheeling for many reasons. One is the challenge of traveling tough terrain armed with driving skill and the mechanical capabilities offered by a 4x4’s power and traction. Another is to experience the scenic beauty of areas of the country not accessible by car and difficult to reach by foot or other means.

So, with vacation time just around the corner, wouldn’t it be great to use those four-wheeling skills practiced at local off-road parks and recreation areas in other parts of the country, to literally broaden your 4x4 horizons?

This guide presents 10 of the best 4x4 vacation spots in the United States, spanning the entire breadth of the country, from the desert Southwest to the Outer Banks on the Atlantic Coast. There’s a wide range of terrain types here, from well-maintained dirt roads to narrow trails strewn with boulders. Most of these areas can be navigated by anyone with a modicum of off-roading skill; just a couple require expert abilities. We have also included destinations with more to offer than just four-wheeling, for family members who might rather hike, bike, swim, fish, or just doze by a pool. And almost all of them offer great camping opportunities for summertime vacationers.

Like any backcountry activity, four-wheeling requires a certain amount of preparation before you hit the trail. Use the links provided to learn more about where you’re going: recommended vehicle equipment; weather and trail conditions; what to pack (including how much water per person per day); local permits that may be required; closures due to weather, fire, or vegetation restoration; and so on. And check out our Quick Tip for 4x4 vacation options that don’t require you to transport your own rig over thousands of miles to get to your dream vacation spot.

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