$10,000 Awarded to Livermore’s Reins in Motion Foundation

Business and Professional

November 13, 2023

Thanks to the communities’ support, Livermore’s Gene Morgan Insurance Agency has officially awarded a $10,000 donation to Reins in Motion Foundation, a local organization dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with special needs and life-threatening illness by connecting them with horses, animals, and outdoor education activities that promote healing and growth in all aspects of their daily lives. The $10,000 award will help fund the costs of boarding, vetting and farrier (hoof) care for animals, while also aiding additional expenses for safety equipment and the changing demand for supplies at Reins in Motion.

Stacie Logan, Gene Morgan Insurance Agency Agent & Marketing Representative, originally received a $5,000 donation for Reins in Motion, thanks to a submission process with Liberty Mutual® and Safeco Insurance® through their 2023 Make More Happen™ Awards. A story of their local partnership was featured on the official Make More Happen microsite, at www.agentgiving.com/Gene-Morgan-Insurance, where Gene Morgan Insurance Agency had the opportunity to raise an additional $5,000 by conducting a local awareness campaign for the nonprofit. Together with the community, the goal was met increasing the total donation to $10,000 for Reins in Motion!

Throughout 2023, Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance will select up to 37 independent agents nationwide for a Make More Happen Award donating up to $370,000 to the nonprofits they support. Agencies became eligible for the award by submitting an application and photos demonstrating their commitment to a specific nonprofit.