18th Annual New Living Expo

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March 6, 2019

From: New Living Expo

New Living Expo is the largest event of its kind in Northern California.

Attend three full days of fascinating lectures and workshops from experts on medicine, love, cannabis, indigenous wisdom and other consciousness-raising topics. Shop in a thriving marketplace of 180+ vendors promoting colorful festival attire, relaxing spa wear, unique jewelry and original artwork, as well as the latest in health and well-being services and technology. Move your body with yoga or dance, or indulge in a healing treatment from talented body workers and powerful energetic healers! 

New Living Expo will provide your path to personal transformation.

April 26, 2019
Jaysone Tylor The Book of Destiny Reveals Your Unique Personality
Phil Wilson Spiritual Purification Using Far Infrared Saunas
Saryon Michael White Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge: A New Awakening
Lynette Corsten -Astrology Personnal and Planetary for 2019
Andrew Collins The Coming of the Thunder People

Robert Perala Extraterrestrials and The Nature of Existence
Dr. Brenda Wade Toxic Love: 5 Truths to Transform Your Love Patterns
Dr Joel Wallach Dead Doctors Don’t Lie
Gregor Maria
The New Golden Age Stephen Gray Notes on the Psychedelic Renaissance

Bret Lueder How To Deal With “Traffic” Tickets?
Francesca McCartney Kundalini: Spiritual Technology of Evolution
Alan Steinfeld Access the Alien Consciousness to Create New Realities
Master Shunya Tao Miracle Healing
Graham Hancock Quest for the Lost Civilization

Salila Sukumaran Simple Ayurveda Rituals for Increased Health
Movie Searching for the Lotus-Born Master
Dannion Brinkley The Soul’s Journey
Michael Tamura Where Do You Go When You Sleep at Night?
UFO Panel UFOs, ET and the Awakening of Humanity

Scout Bartlett Aligning Energy into Your True Life Path
Laura Eisenhower Into the Unified Field
Lali Kakar Love, Light, and Laughter

April 27, 2019
Barry Helm Channeled Healing Meditation
Brian Berman HOLOS for Love, Peace, and Unity
Deborah Stuart Magically Create Success!
Paul Miller I Meditate – So What Now?
Ashley Manta Workshop Light My Fire: Intentionally Combining SexandCannabis for Intimacy
FREE TALK Marianne Williamson The Awakening of the American Spirit
Today’s Recycling Challenges and How You Can Make a Difference Panel

Prof. Dr. Paul Ling Tai Natural Solutions for Adrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroidism a
Lai Ubberud Direct Past Lives
Lisa Barnett Akashic Records – Clear Karma and Access Your Gifts
Ravi Ratan Numbers, Planets and Chakras

Peter Goodgold Do Healing Waters contain Hydrogen
Dr. Christian Toren Soar with Your own Clairvoyant Psychic Abilities
Dr. Steven Feig uper Digestion – Healing Your Guts
Maureen Perron Transmission – A Meditation to Help the World
David Lonebear Sanipass orkshop Teachings from the Copper Scrolls
Graham Hancock pecial Event America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization
Relationship Panel Forming Sacred Non-Traditional Love Relationships

Brad Wallis R-Factoring – Reprogram Your Thoughts
Nick Delgado Hormones the Cause of your Stress and Fatigue?
Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier Workshop Change Your Genes-Change Your Life
Jennifer Montero Spiritual Gifts and Abilities

Belinda Farrell Finding Forgiveness and Your Friggin’ Joy
Kaitlyn Keit Mini Playshop with Vibe Gift
Luke Cua Chinese Medicine for Difficult Cases
Andrew Collins Workshop Understanding the Star Web
Cannabis Panel The New Cannabis Prophesy

Dr. Joel D. Wallach Dead Doctors Don’t Lie
David Christopher Lewis Saint Germain’s Violet Laser Light Blessing
Dr. Tim O’Shea The Cure for All Disease
Barbara Evans Setting Vibrations for Chakra Awakening
Caroline Myss 4 Hour Intensive Understanding the Bio-Spiritual Nature of Your Soul

Keith Morey Reverse Chronic Illness and Heal the Underlying Cause
Jorge Zafra Living Your Light – The Power Within
Stephen Gray Workshop Cannabis and Spirituality
Da Vid Raphael MD The Alcatraz Conversion Project
Darrell Miklos Workshop Startling Discovery Below the Bermuda Triangle
Native American Panel Healing a Toxic Earth through Traditional Native Wisdom

Vaishall Nikhade How to Release Stuck Energies and Pain
Chen Ben Asher Healthy Brain-Sleep – Epigenetic Nutrition Factor
Volunteers for Tatyana Mickushina The Power Of Music – Ascended Masters�

Caroline Casey Workshop Goanna take Magic: Trickster’s Astro*Mytho*Politic
Cheryl Pierce Entrepreneurship and Spirituality
Kimberly Meredith Receiving the Healing Miracles
Dawson Church Workshop Mind to Matter
Laura Eisenhower Workshop Entering the Silicate Matrix
Sound Healing Experience

April 28, 2019
Dr. Richard Kunin The Key to Beating Disease: Methylation and Blood Flow
Austyn Wells ~ Soul Conversations
Dixie Pond Sacred Sound and the EL Way Meditation
Neil Sharp M.D. : Whole Brain Body Fitness
Ken Johnston Workshop Did We Really Go To The MOON?”
Kimberly Meredith Special Event Miraculous Healings in the God Dimension
Panel Ancient Civilization and Wisdom and their Connection to the Cosmos

Tracey Ash Meta-Physics and Ascension
Joseph Ernest Martin Stop Negative Psychic Attacks NOW!
Steven Halpern, Ph.D Brain Balancing Music for Optimal Healing
Indra Rinzler Enneagram of Personality, From Triggers to Freedom

Lori Spanga Your Dormant DNA
Dennis Adams The “Present Moment” is Where God lives!
Clifford Mahooty Workshop Using Sacred Healing and Medicine Plants
David Gibson How Sound Healing Works
John Van Auken Workshop Edgar Cayce Story of Our Souls
David Wilcock Ascension and Disclosure: Reaching Critical Mass
Wellness Panel Promoting Longevity, Preventing Aging Diseases

Diana Borges Rediscover Your Heart and Soul for Self Advancement
Cindy Sellers Cleanse of the Body, Mind, and Spirit
Dr. Catherine Athans Developing Your Skill

Gopi Kallayil The Happy Human
Kitty Wells Master the Golden Glow of Resilience
Dannion Brinkley Workshop Mastering Life in 10 Simple Steps
Nathan Andrews
JJ and Desiree Hurtak and Alan Steinfeld Workshop The MultiDimensional Cosmology
Ascension Panel Bringing to Light

Buddha Maitreya – Awaken the Soul Meditation
Guy Harriman Endogenous DMT and the Ajna Light
Frank Cousineau Choosing an Alternative Cancer Therapy
James Van Praagh 4 Hour Intensive Signs From the Universe!

Movie The Flanagan Experiments
Wynn Free Workshop The God Realm – Exposed
Daniel Sheehan Workshop Green New Deal
Kathleen Zemansky Want Results? Feng Shui and Astrology 4 Busy People
Mike Bara Workshop 50 Years of Apollo: Did We Really Go There?
Sound Healing Panel – Sound in Medicine

Date: April 26 - 28, 2019

Location: San Mateo Event Center - 1346 Saratoga Drive San Mateo, CA 94403

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