5th Annual Three Days of Light Gathering 2016

Arts and Entertainment

August 23, 2016

From: Three Days of Light Gathering Festival

3DL is a place where we can live, love, learn, and share ourselves through celebration.

It's a place to gather as friends and family in a safe, inspirational and transformational environment that will inspire you to create the world of your dreams.

People from all around the world come together to share their visions, projects, dreams, and experiences... all in the spirit of teaching each other and building a more sustainable and conscious world. We are dedicated to providing you with an experience that will, above all else, connect you with your Soul/Star Family.


August 26, 2016

7:30 AM - (Lotus) Yoga (Kripalu) and Morning Meditation

8 AM - 9:30 AM : Pot Luc Breakfast

10:30 - Open Gates

11:00 AM
(I.S.) Team building (Games)
(ORT) Ignite the Goddess Within

1:00 PM
(I.S.) Intro to Herbal Remedy
(TGS) Communal expressions sessions
(SAS)Vibrational Barometric Physics & Omni-Scentient (or... 42!)
(TLB) Light Beings Trifecta

3:00 PM - Opening Ceremony & Intention setting

3:45 PM
Water Blessing
Sound Activation (Dixon's Violin)

5:00 PM - Keynote Series:
(PAV) Keynote Speaker - Linda Star Wolf
(ORT) Activate your "Twerk-Ka-Ba" (Dance/play)

7:00 PM
(I.S.) How to start a permaculuture garden
(I.S.) Oh-Poi! Create and spin your own Poi
(TGS) Community Sacred Song Cicle
(ORT) Sisters Circle
(TLB) Sensory Awareness Enhancement

Dusk : (Flow) Fire Safty Meeting

9:00 PM
(ORT) Tantric Dance Playshop
(TLB) Learning Astral Travel
(CP) Avatar Awakening
(CS) Mer-Ka-Ba (Light Body Vehicle) Activation!

Midnight Yoga/Sound Healing
Midnight Meditation around the fire


3:45 PM - Sound Activation (Dixon's Violin)
6:30 - Yes I
8:00 - Sirius Colors
9:30 - Numatik
11:00 - Living Light
12:30 am - The Human Experience
2:00 am - Momentology (Early Morning Stage Provided by: Mindflip

August 27, 2016

8 AM - 9:30 AM
Pot Luc Breakfast 7:30 AM
(Lotus) Yoga (Kripalu)
(C.S.) Morning Meditation/Intention Setting

9:00 AM
(I.S.) Cold Metal Forging 101
(I.S.) Making Rope with fibers found in Nature
(ORT) Self-Love Cultivation Ceremony
(CP) Shamanic Qi Play

11:00 AM
(I.S.) Your first and last Guitar Lesson
(TGS) Purpose spark (Adventure in Pers. Discovery)
(ORT) Transcending Gender w/ Breathwork
(TLB) Empowerment Training
(C.P) Influencing the rest of the world as a Conscious Professional

1:00 PM
(I.S.) Quest for your Super Powers
(TGS) 3DL collective chorus (Co-creating the 3DL 2016 theme song)
(ORT) Honoring the Sacred Yoni!
(TLB) Navigating the Matrix (Bringing awareness to the subconscious programing)
(CP)A Course In Self Mastery
(FLOW) Learning HoopDance

3:00 PM - Keynote Afternoon Sessions
(PAV) Grandma Barbara: Wallking in the Integrity of Unconditional Love
(CP) Improvisation Lab Presents: Dream and Archetypes
(TGS) Awakening the Authentic Masculine
(I.S.) Creating a 501c3 Non-Profit: Steps to Success

Keynote Afternoon Sessions:
Stephen Kaminanda
(Lotus) Yin Yoga

5:00 PM
(I.S.) Grant Writing for Non-Profits
(ORT) Temple of Blood (Womans cycle) Meditation
(TLB) Art of Human Connection
(SL) Intro to Slack-Lining
(CP) Jam with the Fam (Open Jam sessions)
(Flow) Flow into contact!

7:00 PM - Keynote Series:
(PAV) Arcotu: Designing and building the new Earth with Master Eco-Buidler Gabriel Cavazos
(TLB) Restoring Sacred Union
(CP) 13 Moon (Mayan Calender) Explained

Dusk - (Flow) Fire Safty meeting

9:00 PM
(ORT) Divine Union PUJA (Sacred Act of worship)
(PAV) The Big Glow (Learn how to recreate your life story)

Midnight Yoga/Sound Healing
Midnight Meditation

Music - Masquerade Ball Gala

6:00 pm - Infinite Third
7:30 pm - Moon Frog
9:00 pm - DrumSpyder
10:30 pm - Kaminanda
12:15 am - Desert Dwellers
2:30am - Stratosphere (Earling Morning Stage Provided by: Mindflip

August 28, 2016

7:30 AM - (Lotus) Yoga (Kripalu) and Morning Meditation

8 AM - 9:30 AM
(CP) Early Riser Qi-Gong
Pot Luc Breakfast

9:00 AM
(I.S.) Intro to Tincture Making
(ORT) - (CP) Kaleidoscope Yoga

11:00 AM
(PAV) Grandma Barbara: You are more powerful than you can imagine.
(I.S.) Understanding and creating SeedBombs
(TGS) Expressions Sessions
(TLB) New World Economy Models
(ORT) - Growing Through Conscious Relationships
(CP) Embracing your Inner Power
(SC) SexFirmative (Film & Discussion

1:00 PM
(I.S.) Making your own Ice Cream and Ice Cream Social
(TGS) 3DL Collective Choruys
(ORT) Lunaception: Realigning our cycles with the devine moon goddess
(TBL) "I LOVE YOU!" Water & Sound Activation!
(C.P.) - The Process Of American Freedom
(CV) A.B.C.'s of Love Making

2:00 PM
Children's PArade
Art Auction

3:00 PM
(I.S.) Kambucha Brewing 101
(I.S.) Making your own "Plarn" (recycling plastic to make yarn) Creation and Crocheting
(TLB) Activating the superpower within!
(CP) Magic All Ice Water Therapy
(SAS) Visionary Painting with
Observational Drawing

5:00 PM
Keynote Evening Sessions: (PAV) Charles Gilchrist
Sacred Geometry: The Divine Process
(I.S.) Balance is the Key! (Intro to Indo-Boarding
(CP) - R3sonat3 Chang3 w/ W3ndy Ow3ns

7:00 PM - (PAV) The Emergence Earth Project and the future of 3DL w/ Scott Bayden Love

Dusk - (Flow) Fire Saftey Meeting

Special Presentation!!
Children's Parade!
Emergence Earth


4:15 - Noah Proudfoot
5:30 - I, Star (Full Band Set)
7:15 - Closing Ceremony/Intention Setting
7:45- Jenna Gilmore
9:15 - Ascentient
10:30 - Medisin
12 AM - Heiss
Late Night Stage Provided by: Mindflip

Date: August 26-28, 2016

Secured Parking Pass: $20.00
T3 - GA Camping & Event Pass: $155.00
T3 - Creekside Camping & Event Pass: $166.00
Early Arrival - The 4th Day of Light: $50.00
"After Glow" Party (Stay 2 Extra days): $100.00
Family Camping (Up to 2 Adults and 2 Children or Young Adults): $350.00
Day Pass: Friday: $65.00
Day Pass: Saturday: $65.00
Day Pass: Sunday: $55.00
Young Adults (13-17): $50.00
Children 12 and under are free

High Country Motorcycle Camp,
765 Stoney Fork Road,
Ferguson, NC 28624.

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