8th Graders Return to Long Beach Middle School

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January 2, 2013

Long Beach eighth-graders finally returned to their home school on Dec. 17, after spending the past few weeks at Long Beach High School due to the ongoing flood remediation at the middle school. The sixth- and seventh-graders had returned to their middle school classrooms just after Thanksgiving.

The Long Beach Middle School complex, which has been under major restoration and remodeling since last year, suffered significant damage after Superstorm Sandy. While remediation and repair work was being done, all middle school students attended classes at Long Beach High School, just a few blocks away, until the reopening of the school in mid-November.

The return of eighth-graders to the middle school signaled a major step in the return to normalcy post-Sandy. All staff members were well-equipped with information about room changes to help the eighth-graders get reacquainted.

Although conditions at the high school were crowded while they were there, the eighth-graders reaped an unexpected benefit from their temporary move: They received a taste of high school life that should better prepare them for their official move to the school in September as freshmen.

"I'm glad we are all here again and students can focus on their classwork in the comfort of their home building," said Vice Principal Keith Biesma.