A Wake-Up Call for all American Christians

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June 13, 2014

The author hopes to bring American Christians back to their roots in God

Houston, TX - When will American Christians actually heed the call? Author John Prutzman prays that American Christians won't wait until America is judged. He offers his book, America Judged, as a wake-up call to the 70+% of Americans who call themselves Christians. In this book, readers, who are wondering how it is that American Christians have been losing the cultural war in America, will find some insightful thoughts to help American Christians rise up in triumph from their comfortable slumber.

Is God too weak or too distant to help them in their time of need? No, Christians have become too wrapped up in their own world to see God. Christians are called to be the salt that preserves, but for decades they have failed in this responsibility.

America Judged shows the downward spiral and points to a better way forward to avoid destruction. There is hope if people turn and go a different way. Then God will move on their behalf. He is still a miracle-working God and Christians certainly need a miracle. America needs a miracle lest judgment come!

This book is available online and can be purchased at www.barnesandnoble.com or www.amazon.com

About the Author
John Prutzman is a working geophysicist and pastor of Fellowship of New Beginnings. In his secular job, he has written numerous technical papers, developed training courses, and taught classes worldwide for the oil industry. Using a uniquely Christian perspective, he has authored America Judged (God's impending discipline), Mighty Men Arising (keys to a supernatural marriage), and the soon forthcoming The Power of Indestructible Life. John and his wife, Liudmila, call Houston home. John may be reached at www.gloriouschangeministries.com.