AAAC Community Arts News - September 1, 2017

Arts and Entertainment

September 5, 2017

From: Asheville Area Arts Council

Man and Nature: Pathway to Renewal curated by Joseph Pearson

Man and Nature: Pathway to Renewal explores the questions below by examining some of the many facets of our environmental dilemma through two- and three-dimensional art. Among these are: the use of recycled materials, soil, found object sculpture, paint, pencil and a temporary labyrinth.

Our natural environment is under siege and exhibiting signs of the extreme stress human activities are placing on it. How may we view the natural world through an ecological, scientific, socio-political or even a spiritual lens? Does it rest upon our collective shoulders to bridge the gap between respecting the earth and its complex systems and merely valuing environmental resources to the extent of putting a monetary value on our resources?

Indigo Ball tickets and a challenge!

Tickets for next week's Indigo Ball presented by the AC Hotel are going quick! We have already sold out two of the parties and the others are soon to follow. Make sure to purchase your tickets to Tokyo Twilight presented by Charlotte Street Computers or Under the Sea now - both get you into the Indigo Ball at the Orange Peel. As an added bonus, see our ticket challenge below for Under the Sea!

Traditional East meets the diverse West in this colorful event full of movement, sound and intrigue. Dance through the futuristic orient bathed in light. Relish the iconic surroundings representing a culture steeped richly in tradition, yet newly alive and electric.

- Hosts: Heather Smith, Michael Parker, Jean-Paul and Angela Lausell
- Presented by Charlotte Street Computers
- Location: RISC Networks building, 81 Broadway, Asheville, NC 28801
- Time: 7:30 – 9:30 pm
- Food Provided by Margeaux’s Catering
- Beer provided by Hi-Wire Brewing
- Projection art by Asheville Darkroom
- Entertainment provided by DJ Phantom Pantone, Asheville Aerial Arts, and award winning body painter Ren Allen
- $75 ticket includes food and drink and access to the Indigo Ball at the Orange Peel!

New board members & saying farewell to another

We are excited to welcome two new board members to the AAAC while saying a bittersweet goodbye to another. Thank you so much to Karen Keil Brown for her cheeriness, creativity, and dedication over the last few years! She is still working hard with us helping to organize the silent auction for the Indigo Ball and she is not going far. She is a recent addition to UNCA's board and has an exhibition opening of her paintings tonight at the Woolworth Walk Gallery!