Act Now to Increase Funding for Meals on Wheels America

Clubs and Organizations

October 23, 2019

We asked you to raise your voice – and you did!

Thousands of our advocates (that's you!) helped contact more than 400 congressional offices across 47 states and territories during Congress' summer recess. Dozens of local programs across the country received visits from elected officials to witness the transformative impact of Meals on Wheels firsthand.

Your voices encouraged them to visit seniors they represent and learn about local programs. Because of you, more Members of Congress know about the power of Meals on Wheels as we head into this critical time.

Negotiations are taking place in Congress right now that will determine how much funding Meals on Wheels will receive in 2020. So, we're asking you to speak up once again – this time to urge your Senators and Representatives to increase funding.

Help us tell Congress to keep isolated and hungry seniors in mind in this crucial moment of funding negotiations.

We won't stand for America's seniors to be left behind or forgotten.

Looking for another way to make a difference? Your donation to Meals on Wheels America will keep our advocacy team fighting for seniors in need all year long.