Alexandria Storm Preparation Tips: How To Stay Safe And Connected

Business and Professional

January 20, 2016

Many Alexandria residents are following the weather as the Maryland area awaits a potential major snowstorm later this week. People are preparing by stocking up on groceries, shovels and emergency supplies, but they should also make sure that their smartphones are fully charged.

Smartphones are critical for those who lose power they can be lifelines in emergencies, allow you to get the latest storm news and keep you in touch with family and friends.

Here are some other tips from AT&T to help viewers stay safe and connected:

·         Become An Amateur Storm Tracker:  Use weather apps, like AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, Weatherbug or Weathermob to track the storm.

·         Take Advantage of Emergency Services Apps:  Download apps like FEMA or Winter Survival Kit, which will help you find your current location, call 911, notify your friends and family, calculate how long you can run your engine to keep warm and stay safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.

·         Keep Your Phone Charged:  Make sure all of your devices and backup battery boosters are charged before the storm arrives. 

·         Use Text Messaging:  During an emergency situation, text messages go through quicker than voice calls because they require less system resources. Text messages also use less battery than phone calls.

·         Use Your Phone As A Flashlight:  Use your devices special features or download an app to turn your phone into an effective flashlight this is extremely useful during a power outage.

·         Stock Up On Preparedness Devices: The Cobra Jumpack is a dual jumper cable, USB charger and flashlight that can jumpstart a car battery (up to 3x on a full charge) and charge USB devices, such as smartphones or tablets. It is a great gadget to have handy in your car or house, especially during inclement weather. They are available at local AT&T stores for $99.