Allise Noble Joins Creative 360 Staff

Arts and Entertainment

November 25, 2015

From: Creative 360

Midland, MI - Creative 360 recently said good-bye to their Artshop Program Coordinator, Rachel Gaffney, who was instrumental in the successful start-up of Express Yourself Artshop in 2013. The staff and students miss Rachel, but are also pleased with the choice for their new Artshop Program Coordinator, Allise Noble.

Noble is a familiar face around Creative 360. She has taught water color, fabric art, children's art programs and has been involved in Express Yourself Artshop since its beginning two years ago.
"I have fallen in love with working with individuals with disabilities," said Noble. And they have fallen in love with her. When the students learned she was a candidate for the position, they began chanting her name as a show of support.
"We received numerous responses to the job opening advertised in local newspapers and job sites," explained Creative 360's Executive Director, Carol Rumba. "After each interview, it became increasingly clear that the person we needed was, as they say, in our own backyard."
Noble's credentials, added to her Artshop experience, make her ideal for the position. A graduate of Central Michigan University with a BAA in interior design with an art minor, she opted to move further into the art direction after graduation. She teaches art classes in a variety of local venues in addition to Creative 360, and sells her own award-winning work in her freelance business.
Aside from her obvious artistic strengths, Noble is passionate about the Express Yourself Artshop program. "I have seen firsthand how the classes inspire confidence within vulnerable populations and allows the participants to spread joy and reach others through their art," she said. "Art is a valuable outlet and communication tool, especially for people whose traditional means of communication is limited."