Alzheimer's Advocates From Across the State Will Unite in Tallahassee January 16 and 17, 2018

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January 11, 2018

On January 16, approximately 150 Florida advocates will gather on the Capitol steps for a special ceremony featuring local legislators and advocates. On January 17, advocates will hold approximately 75 meetings with their legislators throughout the day. Advocates are given the unique opportunity to speak with their legislators about making Alzheimer's a top state priority. Legislators, such as Representative Scott Plakon, will share how Alzheimer's has impacted them.

New Alzheimer's Association Director of State Affairs, Eddie Thompson says why he joined the organization: "While serving as the legislative aide to Rep Plakon, I got to see firsthand the devastating impact (as Rep Plakon would say...the nuclear bomb) that this awful disease has on the victims and their family. I want to take that impact and use it to help bring about meaningful policy that will help the 520,000 Floridians who have the disease and their families".

Program Details:

- The Association provides free bussing from Jacksonville and encourages the public to join, for more information or to sign up visit:

- The largest Alzheimer's advocacy event in the State of Florida

- Courageous advocates will travel from all over the state to share their stories.

- The two-day event begins at the historic, Old Capitol Building at sunset

- Over 150 advocates and legislators will gather on the Capitol steps as the building is illuminated in the Alzheimer's Association's official color of purple

- The lighting includes a ceremony where legislators, caregivers, and people with the disease will share their stories.

- Day two will consist of approximately 75 meetings with state legislators. This year will host the most advocates and legislator meetings in the event's eight-year history.