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August 18, 2022

August News: Historic legislation, important lung health benefits

How the Inflation Reduction Act Benefits People Living with Lung Disease

Signed into law on Tuesday, the Inflation Reduction Act includes life-changing lung health benefits we have long advocated for:

-  Ensures 3.4 million Americans will keep their healthcare.

-  Reduces out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs for seniors.

-  Makes the largest-ever federal investment in clean energy technology and electric cars, buses and trucks.

-  Invests billions to clean up pollution in communities to further environmental justice goals

This is a significant step forward for lung health, clean air and climate change. We thank all of our lung health volunteers and advocates who helped make it happen.

Help us take the next step. Tell Congress to fully fund the agencies tasked with implementing this historic piece of legislation.

Take Action   

Lets Talk About Vaping

As kids head back to school, we're making a nationwide push for parents to talk to their middle schoolers about the dangers of vaping.

Let's Dance: #DoTheVapeTalk
The hardest part is getting the conversation started, so we worked with the Ad Council to create #DoTheVapeTalk, a charming video PSA featuring a dancing dad, his dubious daughter, and The Backpack Kid.

Let's Learn More: Vaping Fact Sheet & Conversation Guide for Parents

Good to know: What are the dangers of vaping?

-- Irreversible lung damage

-- Lifelong nicotine addiction

-- Affects attention, learning & brain development

Watch Champions Unite:

Thursday, August 25 @ 8 p.m. PT

We're gathering your favorite pro athletes from the MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS and NBA for a talent competition unlike any other. Even better, you get to vote for your favorite act!

How to Watch: Tune into Spectrum SportsNet on August 25 at 8 p.m. PT (check your local listings for channel info in your area), or register to stream the show via our website at Lung.org/Champions-Unite.

Join hosts and celebrity ambassadors, Shantel VanSanten and Tony Gwynn, Jr., for this star-studded event in support of lung health and clean air.

Top Lung News

-- Our National Chairperson on Menthol Cigarettes         

-- Lung Cancer Can Happen to Anyone  

-- Brother Honors His Sister with Trek Across Maine        

-- Mission Moment: August News Roundup


What are Brain Mets?

Lung cancer patients often face brain metastases (sometimes called brain mets), where the disease spreads to the brain. It is common and about 25% of lung cancer patients will have brain mets at diagnosis and a 50% chance of having them in their lifetime. Thanks to advances in treatment, there are a variety of treatment options. The Lung Association has launched a campaign to educate lung cancer patients about brain mets and treatment options. Watch our patient videos >

Support for this project provided by Regeneron and Sanofi Genzyme.

Achieve Asthma Friendly Environments

The Asthma Friendly Environments Through Partnerships Project offers a series of briefings to learn more about our programs, initiatives, and resources. These resources align with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s CCARE Initiative and EXHALE Strategies to help people with asthma achieve better asthma control. This course is for healthcare professionals, health educators, community health care workers, public health professionals, school officials and lung health advocates. Learn more >.

Silicosis Awareness with iQ Power Tools

If your job involves cutting, drilling or grinding soil, granite, slate or other natural material that cause exposure to silica dust, you may be at risk for silicosis. Approximately 2.3 million U.S. workers are exposed to silica in the workplace. The American Lung Association in partnership with iQ Power Tools, the creator of construction power tools with integrated dust collection, is raising awareness about silicosis, symptoms and treatment. Learn more >

Get Prepared to Send Children with Asthma Back to School

As parents and schools are preparing for the 2022-2023 school year, the Lung Association has several helpful tips and resources.

-- Parents will find helpful tips in the online guide, Asthma in Schools: The Basics for Parents and Back to School with Asthma Checklist for Parents.

-- School personnel will find five ways to support Asthma-Friendly Schools in the Back to School with Asthma: Toolkit for Schools.