American Lung Association News: Being Prepared for the 'How Can I Help?' Question

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August 1, 2022

Being Prepared for the "How Can I Help?" Question

Family and friends may be asking how they can help and support you or someone you care for with a chronic lung disease.

Here are three tips to be better prepared when someone asks, "How can I help?"
1. Prioritize tasks. Make a list of which tasks you need to do or have been putting off.
2. Be specific. If you don't need assistance with the entire task, share which part of the task is most helpful. For example, you may not need help cooking a meal, but could use a hand with meal prep or clean-up.
3. Create and share your schedule. Certain days may be better than others for friends and family, so by sharing your schedule, you can identify a time that works for everyone.

Getting Additional Help
Talk to your healthcare provider about programs and resources in your community or contact our staff at the Lung HelpLine. You can also join one of our free online support communities that offer support and connection with fellow patients and caregivers.

Meet the Researcher:
Kellie Smith, Ph.D.

Dr. Smith is the recipient of the first-ever Pierre Massion Lung Cancer Discovery Award. She's investigating how to prevent or delay relapses in patients with early-stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Read more about this trailblazing researcher.
To learn more about our latest research, check out our Each Breath Blog and the new Research News webpage.

We Could Use Your Help

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In response to a Supreme Court decision that negatively impacts the EPA's ability to curb dirty air, we're asking our supporters to sign a petition calling for stronger limits on air pollution.
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For Improved Access to Oxygen
If you or a loved one requires supplemental oxygen, please sign our petition urging Congress to ensure that anyone who needs supplemental oxygen has the appropriate access.
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