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April 22, 2022

Is The Air In Your State Healthy?

The American Lung Association's annual report on air quality across the country is now available. This year's report reveals that nearly 9 million more people were impacted by deadly particle pollution than last year. See how your state compares.

Is Your Air Clean?

Key Findings from the Report

- 41% of Americans live in counties that have an unhealthy level of air pollution.

- People of color are 61% more likely to breathe polluted air compared to white people.

- Days of very unhealthy or hazardous levels of pollution are on the rise.

- The threat from deadly particle pollution continues to increase every year.

Let's Take Action

Join us in calling on the Biden administration to strengthen the national limits on particle pollution. Stronger standards will educate the public about air pollution levels that threaten their health and drive the cleanup of polluting sources in communities across the country.

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