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November 14, 2023

I couldn’t walk and talk at the same time. I'd have to slow down or stop to catch my breath.
Mary Lou was short of breath, had bronchitis four times in six months and her oximetry was in the 80s. After going to a pulmonologist, she was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Knowing the early warning signs of COPD may prevent further lung function loss and improve quality of life.

Could it be COPD?

Manage Your COPD
COPD is a chronic lung disease that causes airflow limitation and breathing-related symptoms. Although there is no cure, our free online learning module COPD Basics shares ways to manage and treat COPD.

It's also important to create a COPD Action Plan to know what to do when you are feeling well, when you have symptoms and when your COPD symptoms are getting worse.
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Offering Support To Those Affected

A diagnosis of COPD can be overwhelming. Whether you or a loved one are newly diagnosed or currently living with COPD, we have resources to support you.

Our COPD resources make it easy keep your COPD under control and improve your quality of life.

For even more connection and support, join the Patient & Caregiver Network and get access to online support communities.

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