American Red Cross Disaster Response - August 31, 2023

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August 31, 2023

Have you seen the news, James?

Since the last time we reached you, the damage in Florida has continued to worsen by the hour. Hurricane Idalia is the first Category 3 hurricane in history to hit the Big Bend Region in Florida. More than 267,000 people are without power and that number will likely rise as the storm continues. Thousands could be facing an extended period of time without basic necessities like running water. States of emergency have been declared in Georgia and both North Carolina and South Carolina as a result of the storm.


Red Cross teams are currently on the ground supporting the response, and right now, we’re rushing emergency assistance to the communities impacted by Hurricane Idalia. Your support is essential to this lifesaving work, and we’re counting on it now.

Please, will you make a donation today to provide urgent support to the survivors of Hurricane Idalia who have a long road to recovery ahead? This incredible community powers our mission, James, and we are so grateful for you every day.


Thank you for your dedication to this community,

Disaster Response Team
American Red Cross

P.S. If you are in an affected area, we urge you to listen to local officials. To find a safe place to stay, visit
redcross.org, download our free emergency app or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) to find an open shelter near you.

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