American Red Cross Disaster Response - September 5, 2023

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September 5, 2023

Devastated communities still urgently need your help

While many of us celebrated Labor Day with family and friends, the long weekend was more challenging for thousands of people forced from their homes by Hurricane Idalia, communities wondering how to rebuild in Hawaii and individuals dealing with extreme heat and other emergency weather across the country.

American Red Cross disaster teams are on the ground, but we cannot be there for those most in need without your help, James. Please rush an urgent gift to help communities recovering from disasters big and small.


Thank you for standing with us,

Disaster Response Team
American Red Cross

Help the Red Cross respond to diasaters

In the wake of disasters this summer like floods in the Northeast and wildfires in Hawaii — and now after the devastation of Hurricane Idalia in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas — the Red Cross has stepped up to offer lifesaving support at a moment’s notice.

Continuing this work has never been more important, but we can’t do it without the generosity and compassion of our supporters. Please, can you give now so that communities facing their darkest moments can depend on emergency assistance like food and shelter?


We don’t know where or when disaster will strike next. That’s why the Red Cross must always be prepared — with warehouses of essential relief supplies, a fleet of emergency response vehicles and teams of highly-trained volunteers ready to deploy in moments.

Right now, Red Cross teams are responding to an average of 170 disasters every day. But we’re relying on compassionate people like you to help your neighbors through their most difficult moments. The pace of disasters like wildfires, hurricanes and floods continues to increase, so will you donate to ensure our teams have the resources they need to respond to disasters whenever they arise?

$24 helps us provide comfort supplies like deodorant, toothbrushes, shampoo and soap for two families of four. HELP NOW ››

$150 provides a crib for an infant staying in an emergency shelter. HELP NOW ››

Thank you for your continued support,

Jennifer Warga
Vice President
Humanitarian Services

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