American Red Cross News: Help Volunteers Help Those in Need

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April 22, 2024

Help Volunteers deliver lifesaving relief to families in need

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James, starting down the road to recovery after a disaster can be incredibly daunting. Without food, water or a safe place to sleep, families often don’t know where to begin as they try to reclaim their lives.

But in those difficult moments, volunteers from the American Red Cross are there — offering lifesaving supplies, a warm bed and compassion that will give them strength as they start to rebuild.

In honor of National Volunteer Week, we’re asking our generous community to help provide the resources that will power our volunteers’ work in the uncertain months ahead. Please, will you give now to support our volunteers as they deliver compassionate support in the wake of disasters like hurricanes, home fires and tornadoes?

Your gift will help volunteers to:

Provide nourishing meals for five people

Give $55

Support a Family of family of three in urgent need of food, blankets and other essentials for one day

Give $96

Provide cleanup kits for five families after a disaster

Give $135

Deploy an emergency response vechile for a day

Give $360

Give Another Amount

James, 95% of the Red Cross workforce is made up of volunteers — meaning these compassionate people are essential as we respond to over 65,000 disasters every year.

Whether it’s a warm meal after a cold night, lending a hand to help secure housing assistance, or even something as simple as a hug, Red Cross volunteers go above and beyond every day to bring help and hope to families facing their darkest moments.

So before midnight, please: Will you give to power the work of our volunteers? Whether they’re responding to hurricanes, tornadoes, home fires or other disasters, your generosity today will help them to deliver this lifesaving work.