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September 29, 2023

Support Our Disaster Relief Work



This summer, when wildfires upended families across Hawaii, or when floods devastated communities in the northeast, the American Red Cross was there with lifesaving supplies and a warm place to sleep. Right now, our teams are on the ground across the country offering shelter, cleanup supplies and helping families to begin the long process of recovery.

To continue supporting these critical relief efforts, we’ve set a $100,000 goal for midnight on Sep 29th. With just hours left, can we count on your compassionate support for communities facing emergencies across the country?

As the frequency and intensity of disasters worsens, the Red Cross is there for those facing their darkest moments. Every eight minutes, a Red Cross team responds to an emergency — an average of 60,000 disaster responses per year.

When you give to the Red Cross, you’re directly helping us train volunteer teams and stockpile relief supplies that will help communities safely through some of their most difficult moments. Meeting our midnight goal means that, wherever the next disaster strikes, our teams are prepared to begin lifesaving relief work.

We depend on our generous community of supporters to respond quickly to emergencies big and small — so will you give now to help us meet our goal and provide lifesaving relief to communities impacted by disaster?


Our compassionate supporters empower us to offer comfort and hope to those in their greatest moments of need, and for that we’re so grateful.

Thank you for being a part of our team,

Jennifer Warga
Vice President
Humanitarian Services

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