AmericanTown's Heroes: EMTs Get Community Service Awards

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July 22, 2015

We are used to honoring police and fire personnel. The essence of their jobs is to proactively protect us as well as respond when there is an emergency, but there is another group that often arrives at the scene of an emergency and you may know them as Emergency Medical Technicians or EMTs. The name says it all. EMTs are there quickly to provide emergency medical support to save or stabilize someone until they can be transported to a hospital or trauma center.

EMTs are sometimes people in the neighborhood with day jobs who volunteer their time to go out on call when there is a medical emergency. The text book definition of an EMT is a person who is specially trained and certified to administer basic emergency services to victims of trauma or acute illness before and during transportation to a hospital or other healthcare facility.

One of their most important responsibilities is knowing how to lift and carry patients in a way that ensures their safety. It is an important and time-critical job. EMTs can be life savers in those precious moments after an accident or natural disaster.

This week's hero story honors a group of EMTs from local fire departments in Pennsylvania. They were presented with Outstanding Community Service Awards to recognize them for their response and service to the community during several life-threatening situations over the winter.

Thank you, EMTs and all the medical personnel who help save lives.

Do you know someone who is a first responder or EMT worthy of praise? Nominate them for next week's AmericanTown's Heroes.