AmericanTown's Heroes: Girl Develop It Helps Women Learn Web Development

Clubs and Organizations

February 9, 2016

Boys are better at Math and Science. That's what studies used to show. More recent studies suggest girls are just better students, for one, they read more and that is the basis for lifelong learning.

The fields of Science and Technology are dominated by men, but that is changing as part of a movement afoot to get more girls into coding. Whether it's large scale efforts sponsored by tech giants like Google's Made with Code or the nonprofit organization, Girls Who Code, working to reach young girls in school now and inspire them to consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

The next generation of students will shape the future, so why not encourage both girls and boys to take an active part in embracing the technologies that will lead to discoveries and innovations that can improve and maybe even save lives in the future.

Code for Good is one effort underway at MIT "that brings students together with local nonprofit organizations to work on impactful computer science projects." Girl Develop It, is another nonprofit whose mission is to "provide affordable programs for adult women interested in learning web and software development in a judgment-free environment." Girl Develop It is growing based on need and interest and they are now serving women in 52 cities across the United States. It was founded in 2010 by Vanessa Hurst and Sara Chipps and is reaching 55,000+ members nationwide. If you want to get involved and you don't see your hometown represented on their map, they invite you to submit a short application to see if there is enough interest and resources to support an effort in your area.

Do you know someone who is working to connect the dots for the next generation of scientists and engineers? They may hold the answers to the questions that will confront us in the future. Nominate a person or organization for next week's AmericanTown's Heroes story.