AmericanTown's Heroes: Kids Play Baseball Thanks to the League of Yes

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February 23, 2016

The League of Yes is a great name for an organization. Especially for an organization that helps people see past disabilities to the excitement and joy of what can happen when kids (and adults) come together to play sports.

Kristine Fitzpatrick is the founder of the League of Yes, which was started to give children with special needs the chance to play baseball. In 2006, Fitzpatrick was asked to serve on the Executive Board of a local organization and she was so taken with their mission that she started talking it up amongst friends and finding out everything she could about how to give a wider field to the idea. In 2010, the Miracle League was officially founded and focused on serving Long Island, but as the effort grew, so did the groups ambitions to embrace more people and territory, and in 2015 the team decided to expand their horizons. That was when they created a new organization called The League of Yes with Y E S standing for You Experience Success!

With a new name and a reinvigorated mission to reach beyond the local community, the League of Yes is now focused on creating a repeatable process that can bring their concept to ball fields across the country.

Since its founding, it is estimated the League of Yes has touched thousands of lives, including more than 1,000 buddies who have come to volunteer. It's often our shared experiences that bind us together and the siblings who get involved express a deeper appreciation for their brothers and sisters as a result of their interactions with the other siblings. Moms, Dads, Sisters and Brothers are all grateful for the League and the important life skills it is helping to develop and many have written to express their gratitude not only for a formal program that welcomes their kids, but also because it's something the kids look forward to.

With all the good work the League of Yes has done to date, you should know they are just getting started! Their next major project is a field at Eisenhower Park that will be the first sport complex of its kind in the area, developed with special needs kids in mind.

Baseball is considered the nation's pastime a sport beloved by millions of people in America and across the world. The League of Yes makes it possible for everyone to experience the pride and joy of hitting a ball, running the bases and even scoring a run, so all can share in the fun and experience success. We say Yes! to the League of Yes!

Are you ready to join their team? Become a fan of this organization on Facebook, volunteer as a buddy, or get in touch to talk about getting a chapter going in your area. Your donations are most welcome and you can purchase a ticket to attend or sponsor their Gala to be held on March 24, 2016 at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, New York.

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