AmericanTown's Heroes: Marines Deliver on Toys for Tots

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January 8, 2016

The Marines are always heroes. It is the nature of their job to be a "force in readiness" to protect and defend us, but did you also know the Marines are behind the Toys for Tots program? 

It was a Marine reservist by the name of Major Bill Hendricks who founded the program in 1947 and it has been kept in action by the United States Marine Corps Reserve ever since. Their mission has remained the same as well, which is to distribute toys and books to children whose parents cannot afford them. 

The program reaches children across the country with the help of local veteran Marines and coordinators who help facilitate the collection and distribution, which takes place between October and the end of December. 

Local businesses get involved, acting as drop-off and storage points and many others pitch in for fund raising and other key activities. Like the Marines, the volunteers remain loyal to the cause and work closely with the Marine reservists to accomplish the mission of making sure children don't go without the joy of receiving a toy for Christmas. 

It is also no surprise that Toys for Tots remains a top-rated charity where more than 97% of the donations go to providing for the children, while less than 3% is spent on overhead and administrative costs. "Oorah!"

You can learn more about the organization on their website or find out where to donate a toy or how to become a volunteer.  

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