AmericanTown's Heroes: Mural Honors Local Veterans

Clubs and Organizations

January 10, 2016

Cities and towns across the United States will hold various ceremonies to thank veterans on November 11th. Some will step off in parades and some will decorate statues and graves to honor those who lost their lives in the service of their country.

One town has created a lasting monument in the form of a mural that spans 125 feet in length and averages 22 feet in height. The mural was painted by local artists and paid for with monies raised by local citizens and residents of the town whose relatives figure prominently in the scenes the murals depict.

The mural was dedicated during a special ceremony recently where neighbors and friends first walked four blocks together in a procession to the green space in front of the mural. The mural is a way to say thank you as well as highlight the veterans who lived in the Mount Vernon and Lawrence county area and who served in the wars from the Civil War to the present.

The project was coordinated in part by the regional arts council, but it was a town effort with many people contributing time and money to create a lasting memorial that adds to the beauty of the town while it makes veterans feel welcome and residents proud. The community is delighted with how it turned out and the mural is beginning to receive acclamation and awards. You can see pictures of the mural from the dedication ceremony on the Facebook page created for the project.

Do you know a group of citizens who banded together to create a project to honor the members of their community? Nominate them for next week's AmericanTown's Heroes.