AmericanTown's Heroes: Police Officer Remains Friends With Girl He Saved

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January 22, 2016

It's a story of what might have been and how one person or their actions can change the trajectory of another's life. The current feel good story making the rounds at water coolers and on social media is about a police officer and the girl whose life he saved nearly 20 years ago.

The officer is Peter Getz and he saved the life of a young girl, then five years old, who was caught in a fire in her family's apartment. At the time the child was pulled from the fire by Officer Getz she was non-responsive, so rather than wait for an ambulance to arrive on the scene he had another officer drive while he performed CPR on the way to the hospital. As Getz is quick to point out, everyone did their jobs and he was just doing what he needed to do. That's how heroes are. Humble.

Sadly, the little girl lost one of her relatives that day and while life has not always been easy, she graduated from college with honors and was happy to have the man who saved her life as a child standing by to watch. The two have kept tabs on each other over the years and will always remain in each other's thoughts if not daily lives given the tramautic incident that brought them together.

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