AmericanTown's Heroes: Ride for Reading Delivers Books to Kids on Bikes!

Clubs and Organizations

January 4, 2017

Reading is Fundamental is an expression you may have heard. In addition to being the name of an organization whose mission is to foster literacy across the country, it has also been the theme of ads, songs, videos and campaigns aimed at inspiring a passion for reading.

To be literal about it it; being able to read is an important aspect of navigating life in any society. It's not just the pleasure of being immersed in a good book that is lost when someone cannot read. It can also mean a serious deficiency in their ability to understand instructions and warnings. Even something as simple as the label on a container of medicine can be problematic if you do not know how to read.

That's why organizations like Ride for Reading are so important. They are the "pedal to the medal" that gets books into the hands of the kids who need them the most. The mission of Ride for Reading is "to help children in low-income areas become healthy and literate."

They do that by welcoming volunteers and partnering with local libraries and schools as well as cycling clubs and then they collect the books that are donated and deliver them to schools across the country on bikes! To date they have gathered more than 11K volunteers to their cause who have delivered more than 300K books to 235 schools in 33 cities across the country.

Do you know of an organization that helps promote literacy or someone who helps children discover the love of reading? Nominate them for next week's AmericanTown's Heroes.