AmericanTown's Heroes: Window Washers Become Superheroes for Kids

Business and Professional

January 28, 2016

It's a feel good story you may have heard before. A bunch of guys who do a dangerous, but necessary job were using the tools of their trade to help kids see more clearly and also give them a reason to smile and forget about their injury or condition for a bit.

You may not think of them as superheroes, but there they were, dressed in superhero garb. Four unnamed, mild-mannered gentlemen who assumed the identity of Batman, Captain America, Spiderman and Superman to give the kids at the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital a treat. When the kids looked out their windows they saw some of their favorite characters scaling the sides of the building!

This act of kindness came from the folks at Allegheny Window Cleaning Inc. and it's something they have been doing for a few years. They know how much it delights the kids and who doesn't want to don the cloak of a superhero for a day?

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