Anaheim's Revenue Chat TV Show Seeking Guests

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March 22, 2018

Acclaimed Host Tony DUrso Operating from New Burbank Studio

Tony DUrso, host of the popular Revenue Chat TV Show, is looking to book a few new guests with an interesting story to tell. With a focus on elite entrepreneurs and successful business leaders, DUrso's interviews have a knack for disseminating strategic insights to his audience.

Revenue Chat TV has recently moved into a Burbank-based studio, where the host tapes segments formatted into a prime-time 30-minute show, airing each Tuesday at 9 p.m. Guests need not be local DUrso boasts a national reach, with featured guests joining him via Skype, Zoom or in-person at the studio.

"At our new Burbank location, we've just signed on an excellent producer along with a fantastic camera crew," said DUrso, "We're ready to interview some of the nation's leading entrepreneurial and business people regarding how they've succeeded in life and, moreover, how they measure success."

With a combined viewing audience of over 100 million a month, Revenue Chat TV also airs on a variety of streaming services such as: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, various city streaming channels, Roku and the VoiceAmerica TV Network. Additionally, all episodes will air in re-run format and will be available On Demand.

DUrso is also bringing a crowdfunding approach to building out his network of interviews, from television to podcasts. The goal is to widen the audience base and those who support Revenue Chat TV will receive access to upcoming events, projects, branding and on-air mentions.

"My vision has always been to host an authentic talk show where I interview stars, elite entrepreneurs and real game changers to find out how they made it, while relating their insights and advice to my audience. It's hoped that this, in turn, will help my listeners in their own career, life, and relationships, thereby fostering a much better, saner, and happier world."

For those wishing to request an appearance as a guest with Tony DUrso, the online application can be found here. For more information, please visit