Anaheim's Tony DUrso Interview with Sha Na Na airs on Dec. 22

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December 18, 2017

VoiceAmerica Host Chats with Legendary Musical Group on Upcoming Album

Tony DUrso, host of The Spotlight and Revenue Chat podcast shows, has a big show coming up which airs on Dec. 22. His special guest for the podcast is the legendary '50s-style musical ensemble, Sha Na Na. While there are many former members of the "Doo-Wop" band, current lead members include Jocko Marcellino, Screamin' Scott Simon, and Donny York.

Sha Na Na actually began their careers as an "a capella" group known as the Kingsmen back in 1969. While the group used to perform a variety of songs, their '50s songs and persona proved to be so popular that the group decided to stay with the oldies sound and Sha Na Na was born. The group rocketed to fame after appearing in the original Woodstock lineup in 1969, taking the stage just before guitarist Jimi Hendrix. The group went on to appear in 97 episodes of the Sha Na Na Show from 1977-1981. They're also fondly remembered for their appearance in the 1978 smash hit, Grease.

"Of all the interviews I've conducted, this is one I'll probably remember for a long time to come," stated show host Tony DUrso. "I mean, everybody's heard of Sha Na Na and it was such an honor to get their own perspective on how they've enjoyed such a momentous career." The group also plugged their brand new album, "Rockin' Christmas", set to arrive just in time for the holidays.

The Spotlight is celebrating its six-month show anniversary and continues to pick up listener interest each week, as host Tony DUrso interviews some of the biggest names in the world from Hollywood stars, sports greats, business experts, game changers, bestselling authors and world class CEOs all who share their insights and personal journeys of their own road to success.

To listen to the special Dec. 22 episode with Sha Na Na, log in to the VoiceAmerica Influencer Channel, available at: The show begins at 1:00 p.m. PDT. Afterwards, the entire segment will be available for download using the mobile app,, which opens up from any Android or iPhone device.

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