Anaheim's Tony DUrso Showcases Power of Transformation

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July 26, 2018

The Tony DUrso Show Highlights Career, Business and Life Lessons

Tony DUrso, host of The Tony DUrso Show, is forging ahead with two brand new episodes of his 30-minute interview program. With approximately 40,000 views of last month's debut episode, the interview-based show continues to roll out on popular streaming services on multiple TV networks such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, OTT, Roku and others. The shows are produced by Emmy-winning director, Rich Tamayo.

"With the previous success of Revenue Chat Radio and The Spotlight, I really felt like streaming television was the next logical step," said DUrso, "It's my hope that people will tune in so they can get the best takeaways from our prestigious list of guests. Whether it's advice for your career, your business or even life itself, you can find some of the best answers here."

In the two most recent episodes of The Spotlight with Tony DUrso, the host conducted one-on-one interviews with Phillip Stutts and Hank Moore.

Phillip Stutts is a 20-year veteran of political marketing campaigns. Over the two decades, he's contributed to more than 1,000 election victories on behalf of senators, governors, representatives, and two U.S. presidents. His agency has captured 20 prestigious honors, including the highest-level award for Digital Video Excellence in a Presidential Campaign. Stutts is a regular guest on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. And he was singled out as "a political guru" by ESPN and a "marketing genius" by Fox Business.

Hank Moore is an accomplished author and savvy business overview expert, mentioned in the rarified circle of experts such as Peter Drucker, Tom Peters, Steven Covey, Peter Senge and W. Edwards Deming. Moore is the author of "The Business Tree," which is his trademarked approach to growing, strengthening and evolving business, while at the same time mastering the elements of change. Hank's current book, "Non-Profit Legends" has just been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. His latest book is "The Big Picture of Business."

Subsequent episodes are dedicated to showcasing successful entrepreneurs who provide wisdom, advice and guidance to provide DUrso's audience with real-life takeaways.

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