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September 12, 2013

From: Arizona Underground Film Festival

September 14, 2013:

2:30pm Kenneth
2013, U.K., 75 Min
Comedy/ Narrative/ Fantasy
Directed by Peter Anthony Farren
Cast: Duncan Casey, Stephen Mosley, Terry May, Fiona Organ

Kenneth's life is not going according to plan, he's just been fired from his job, a strange creature that only he can see has sinister plans for him, his girlfriend Kim is acting really strangely, and she's not crazy about Kenneth's new best friend, Peter, a tramp who's on the run from the army! Kenneth will have to battle with his new friend, his malevolent monster, his ex-boss, the police and his own troubled psyche before everything reaches its curious conclusion.

4:00pm Stress Position
2013, Canada, 79 Min
Narrative/ Thriller/ Comedy
Directed by A.J. Bond
Cast: David Amito, A.J. Bond, Marguerite Moreau,

Inspired by a flippant remark about the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, filmmaker A.J. Bond made a bet with his close friend, actor David Amito, to see which of them could withstand a week of psychological torture at the hands of the other. What begins as a bizarre and darkly humorous experiment gradually spirals out of control, testing the limits of their friendship.

6:00pm Underground on the Ledge (Second chance for a slow dance) Shorts Block

2013, USA, 8 Min
Directed by Dae Hyun Song
Cast: Adan Garcia, Ephraim Vela, Jenelle Vela, Russ Thompson
Sometimes all it takes is a small story.

So Far Above Humans They Are
2013, USA, 10 Min
Directed by Amanda Stymeist, Elizabeth Lawrence
Elisabeth Chant: Oil painter by day and occult visionary by night.

Passing Presence
2013, USA, 3 Min
Directed by Omar Lopez, Jullian Ybarra
Cast: Jill Sieting
An experimental short shot on 16mm B&W film double exposed and burned with hot wire.

This Guy
2013, USA, 6 Min
Directed by Jesse Debernard
A look into this guy's mind

Dinner Guest
2009, USA, 13 Min
Comedy/ Narrative
Directed by Bianca Luedeker
Cast: Zach Brutsché, Kathleen Cameron, Randy J. Shams
Jake, who is in his thirties, is still living at home with his mother. One day, he decides to defy his mother by inviting a reanimated corpse, Sam, to dinner.

Black Metal
2013, USA, 9 Min
Directed by Kat Candler
Cast: Jonny Mars, Heather Kafka, Addisyn Stevenson
Black Metal, a dark drama, follows Ian, a husband, father and musician struggling with the guilt and blame of a tragic and senseless murder.

Magic the Gathering: The Musical
2012, USA, 27 Min
Comedy / Musical/ Narrative
Directed by Molly Coffee
Cast: Keith Brooks, Mehcad Brooks, Scott Cohen
Jake, a teenager who lives to play Magic the Gathering, heads to the local comic book shop one Saturday to try his hand at the latest tournament. There he finds a wide variety of characters including a Vampire the

Masquerade enthusiast, a bumbling nerd down on his luck, and a pair of battling rappers, all there to take the top prize. Jake must gather his strength and use his training to win the day, although his true reward may not be what he expects. Be ready for puppets and singing! Mature Audiences.

7:45pm Loves Her Gun
2013, USA, 99 Min
Narrative/ Thriller
Directed by Geoff Marslett
Cast: Trieste Kelly Dunn, Francisco Barreiro, Ashley Rae Spillers, Melissa Hideko Bisagni, John Merriman, Heather Kafka

Loves Her Gun is a romantic tragedy about a young woman who flees violence in New York for the laid back environment in central Texas. Once she settles into Austin she falls into the local gun culture and some of her same worries come back to haunt her. Music by Tucson's own Howe Gelb!

10:00pm Fateful Findings
2013, USA, 100 Min
Directed by Neil Breen
Cast: Neil Breen, Karla Landrat, Jennifer Autry, Victoria Valene

Fateful Findings is a film that has been called David Lynch meets Tommy Wiseau's The Room. Director/writer/star Neil Breen's unexpected mash-up of bizarre relationship drama, and paranormal-political thriller with a penchant for book-throwing, and laptop flipping created a genre-defying outsider production that is without a doubt the next cult classic that will play midnight screenings for years to come. It's the ultimate movie for a post-The Room, Manos: The Hands of Fate, and Troll 2 world. This will be the Arizona Premiere, and cinema will never be the same again.

September 15, 2013:

6:00pm Flake and Flames
2013, Denmark USA, 80 Min
Directed by Dirk Behlau, Jesper Bram, Daniel Alban Petersen
With: Dan Collins, The Pizz, Bob Spina, Von Franco, Peter Sandberg & The Go-Getters, Tifa Deleone, Rob Kruse & The Dynotones, Vince Ray, Frank Kozik, Big Pete, Coop

Flake & Flames is a fantastic adventure in to the Kustom Kulture movement around the globe, seeking out the hottest Kustom Kulture spots in U.S, and Europe. Some of the worlds best car and motorcycle builders, tattoo artists, pinstripers, custom painters and pin-up models share their tricks and experience. Artists dedicated to art forms frowned upon by established society throughout history, shows you why there is nothing else. Experience what overwhelming creativity that exists behind terms like; Low Brow Art, Hot Rods, Customs, and Pinstriping. Get a privileged look into the private domain of Kustom Kulture legends of our time.

8:00pm Very Extremely Dangerous
2013, USA Ireland, 85 Min
Directed by Paul Duane

Jerry McGill slipped from a rock'n'roll career into a life of crime, robbing banks and running from the FBI while touring with legends of country music and appearing in movies. After three jail sentences (under two different names), aged 70 and suffering from terminal cancer, he announced his return to recording. We followed a heavily armed McGill and his fiance Joyce through four states as he stole whatever's not nailed down and charmed his way into and out of trouble. But when you point a camera at a man who will do anything for notoriety, how responsible are you when he goes too far?

September 16, 2013:

8:00pm Worm
2013, USA, 80 Min
Directed by Andrew Bowser
Cast: Andrew Bowser, Katie Scarlett Lloyd, Presley Mahaffay, Joshua McGowen

Worm is Andrew Bowser's gritty black-and-white Southern Neo-Noir whodunit film that was done in one unbroken 90-minute-long shot (you read that correctly) from a Go Pro Hero 2 camera. Worm" tells the story of a man wanted for a double homicide in the small town of Guthrie, OK. Worm is always doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, taking odd jobs for shady men, and even breaking the law from time to time. The audience journeys with Worm as he tries to clear his name and make safe the ones he loves. Along the way, he is entangled in a crime syndicate and nearly loses the people that mean the most to him. Did he commit this heinous crime? Will his past sins catch up to him?

September 17, 2013:

8:00pm Buck Wild
2013, USA, 75 Min
Horror / Comedy
Directed by Tyler Glodt
Cast: Matthew Albrecht, Jarrod Pistilli, Dru Lockwood, Isaac Harrison

Craig Thompson's idyllic hunting trip with his two buddies and unstable cousin is wrecked after hearing that his fiancé and best man‐to‐be have been cavorting behind his back. To make matters worse, his cousin appears on the verge of a murderous rampage, while a rapidly-spreading Chupacabra virus is turning locals into the undead. After shooting the ranch owner, drugging the Game Warden, and narrowly escaping an insidious hillbilly gang, the friends must not only survive an impending zombie apocalypse but each other.

September 18, 2013:

8:00pm White Reindeer
2013, USA, 82 Min
Narrative/ Comedy
Directed by Zach Clark
Cast: Anna Margaret Hollyman, Laura Lemar-Goldsborough, Lydia Hyslop, Joe Swanberg, Chris Doubek

Zack Clark returns to the festival this year with his new dark comedy, and SXSW favorite White Reindeer. One of Zach Clark's last films, Modern Love is Automatic won Best Narrative at the festival a few years back, and we are happy to be the Arizona Premiere of what is probably as far from a typical holiday film as one could possibly get. After an unexpected tragedy, Suzanne (Anna Margaret Hollyman) struggles to put her life back together during a sad, strange Christmastime in suburban Virginia.

September 19, 2013:

6:00pm A Measure of The Sin
2013, USA, 76 Min
Experimental / Narrative / Horror
Directed by Jeff Wedding
Cast: Katie Groshong, Novella Dean, Stephen Jackson, Starina Johnson, Dale Rainey

Every childhood is normal to the child who lives it. For Meredith that means an enchanted seclusion that is shattered when she is deprived of her mother. Desperate and alone, Meredith must join a household with other women and their children, a sinister man who controls every facet of her existence, and a vicious bear that only she can see. As life in this world becomes increasingly strange and frightening, Meredith realizes that she must flee, even though she fears she has not learned enough to survive on her own.

8:00pm: The End of the Beginning
2013, JAPAN, 82 Min
Action / Sci-Fi
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto
Cast: Naoto Takenaka, Aya Sugimoto, Ayumi Shimozono, Nao Nagasawa

We are proud to be the North American Premiere of 009-1: The End Of The Beginning, a live action adaptation of Ishinomori Shotaro's classic manga 009-1, which was published from the mid-60s to early 70s and previously adapted into an anime series in 2006. It tells the story of Miléne '009-1′ Hoffman, a female cyborg working as a secret agent, who is famous for using breast guns as her weapons. Ishinomori (1938-1998), who also wrote 009 Re: Cyborg, would have turned 75 this year, and 009-1: The End Of The Beginning is his 75th birthday anniversary project.

September 20, 2013:

6:20pm See You Next Tuesday
2013, USA, 82 Min
Narrative / Comedy
Directed by Drew Tobia
Cast: Eleanore Pienta, Dana Eskelson, Molly Plunk, Keisha Zollar

Mona (Eleanore Pienta) is a mentally unbalanced and very pregnant young woman in a hideous orange coat. Without any friends to speak of and alienated from her hoochie mama coworkers at a crummy Brooklyn supermarket, Mona maintains a strangely close relationship with her campy, recovering alcoholic mother May (Dana Eskelson). Mona's sister Jordan (Molly Plunk) is an unemployable party girl, estranged from May and making life hell for her increasingly fed up girlfriend Sylve (Keisha Zollar). In the final days of her pregnancy, Mona draws her mother, sister, and anybody who happens to get caught in her wake into her hectic life as she drifts further from reality.

8:00pm I Am Divine
2013, USA, 90 Min
Directed by Jeffrey Schwarz
With: John Waters, Ricki Lake, Mink Stole, Tab Hunter, Holly Woodlawn, Michael Musto, Bruce Vilanch, mother Frances Milstead

We are proud to present the Arizona Premiere of the documentary about the most beautiful woman in the world… the filthiest person alive… the legendary, the outrageous, the one and only… DIVINE! I AM DIVINE is a definitive biographical portrait of Harris Glenn Milstead, a.k.a. Divine, and honors him in just the way he always craved as a serious artist and immortal star. As outrageous and fun as its subject, I AM DIVINE combines movie clips, rare home movies and photos, television appearances and live performance footage with brand new interviews

9:45pm Love in the Time of Monsters
2013, USA, 100 Min
Comedy / Horror
Directed by Matt Jackson
Cast: Marissa Skell, Gena Shaw, Doug Jones, Kane Hodder, Michael McShane, Paula Rhodes

Two sisters travel to a cheesy tourist trap where they battle toxic monsters dressed in Bigfoot costumes in order to save the ones they love. Don't miss this special exclusive preview screening of the film!

September 21, 2013:

3:00pm The Shallow End of the Underground (I Wish I Was A Polar Bear) Shorts Block

2013, USA, 6 Min
Directed by Malcolm Critcher
Cast: Bobby Whitson, Paul Thomson

Struggling to care for her mentally challenged son, a mother is pushed to her breaking point.

2013, USA, 12 Min
Directed by Rory Uphold
Cast: Ben York Jones, Breegan Heuer

Andy tries to get over her ex by getting under Morgan. The results are awkward and unexpected

Public Works
2013, USA, 10 Min
Directed by Jason Wawro

Los Angeles is the home of the unlikely marriage of Street Art and Corporate America, this is the story of how it almost never happened.

Speed Shooting
2013, FRANCE, 16 Min
Directed by Joseph Kochmann
Cast: Damien Dos Santos, Camille Dalo, John Colin

JB, a pretentious and passionate young man, decide to make the best short movie ever made. Will he succeeds to finish it for the festival and impress Virginie, the main actress of the movie?

Vengeance De Los Muertos
2013, USA, 10 Min
Exploitation/ Narrative
Directed by Steven Christopher Wallace
Cast: Joe Angelo, Jeff Cardello, Joe 'Tuco' Dempsey

The story of a college student whose father is murdered in a demolition derby competition. Distraught and under the encouragement of a ghost, he drops out of school and attends the subsequent derby in his father's place.

2012, USA, 11 Min
Horror/ Comedy
Directed by Tara-Nicole Azarian
Cast: Tara Nicole Azarian, Dave Tunik, Nicholas Azarian

Tina is being stalked. Her mom is oblivious and the person she calls for help…doesn't. No wonder Tina is hiding. Hide Tina…hide.

2013, U.K., 9 Min
Directed by Iria Lopez

Jose is a teenage pig living in a Spanish town, and he is the only pig in his family. One day a new neighbour moves in next door, and Jose starts to come to terms with who he really is.

Thanks For Laughing: Girls Just Want to Have Fun
2013, USA, 30 Min
Comedy/ Narrative
Directed by Eric van der Vynckt
Cast: Lucien Spelman, Eric van der Vynckt, John Kinsman

Suzie Queen is a failing stand up comedienne with strange aspirations; the hope to kill. Throughout the development of her character, as well as her stand up sketch, the viewer is offered an insight into her disturbed mind.

5:00pm In The House of Flies
2012, Canada 80 Min
Thriller / Horror
Directed by Gabriel Carrer
Cast: Lindsay Smith, Ryan Kotack, Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins returns to the big screen as The Voice (very fitting) in the thriller/horror film In The House of Flies, which critics have been calling intense, well-acted, and thought provoking. Its the story of young lovers whose lives are inadvertently changed forever when suddenly they find themselves abducted. By whom? For what purpose? Alone, isolated and locked in an undisclosed, suburban basement, Heather and Steve find themselves pawns in a psychological, mind-game with their diabolical hosts.

7:00pm Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction
2012, Swirzerland, 80 Min
Directed by Sophie Huber
With: Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Sam Shepard, Kris Kristofferson and Debbie Harry

A documentary about laconic, chain-smoking Harry Dean Stanton, beloved and iconic actor of more than 200 films, reveals, often in song, glimmers of his fascinating life in this captivating, beautifully composed tribute. Stunningly lensed in color and b/w by Seamus McGarvey, the film explores the actor's enigmatic outlook on his life, his unexploited talents as a musician, and includes candid scenes with David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Sam Shepard, Kris Kristofferson and Debbie Harry.

9:00pm Dust of War
2013, USA, 92 Min
Action / Sci-Fi
Directed by Andrew Kightlinger
Cast: Doug Jones, Tony Todd, Gary Graham, Jordan McFadden, Bates Wilder

A sci-fi post-apocalyptic American Frontier film that is like Mad Max slapping Terrance Malik. A lone soldier fends off a brutal warmonger to rescue a girl fated as the savior of humanity, they join forces with a cynical war veteran and a slimy Peter Lorre-type to bring the girl to safety, encountering mysterious invaders, unmarked minefields, and traveling showmen along the way. With standout performances by Tony Todd (Candyman, Hatchet), Doug Jones (Hellboy, Raze), and Gary Graham (Alien Nation).

Date: September 13-21, 2013

Location: The Screening Room
127 East Congress
Tucson, AZ 85701

General Admission: $7.00
Festival Pass: $45