Art History Timeline Adorns Ocean Beach Park Ticket Booths

Schools and Libraries

June 19, 2013



A few weeks ago, City of Long Beach recreation director Robert Piazza contacted Long Beach Middle School Art Club faculty adviser Laura Swan with a unique request. He was looking for someone to create artwork to adorn all of the Ocean Beach Park ticket booths that will run from Pacific Blvd. in the East all the way to Nevada Ave. in the West End. When Ms. Swan presented the request to club members, they were more than willing to rise to the artistic challenge, creating the Art-Walk Timeline Ticket Booth Project in a mere three weeks. Using wooden boards supplied by the City of Long Beach, Art Club members worked after school and at lunchtime to create a series of 31 pieces of artwork chronicling the history of art from Paleolithic cave paintings all the way to modern times.

Students held a ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony in the middle school auditorium lobby on the morning of June 14 to debut their artwork before it was sent to its permanent open-air gallery at the Ocean Beach Park. City Council representative Eileen Goggin presented Ms. Swan and all of the student-artists with commendations from the city to thank them for their contribution to the beautification of Long Beach with this educational art installation.


“What better way to welcome people to Long Beach,” said Ms. Goggin. “You will be a part of history, a part of Long Beach’s growth and rebuilding. Thank you so much.”


“Superstorm Sandy turned life upside down for so many of us,” added Ms. Swan. “We learned not to take anything for granted. After the storm destroyed most of our supplies and portfolios, we all pulled together, just like Long Beach pulled together. We are proud to help restore the face of the city and to celebrate the pride and resilience of the residents of the City by the Sea.”