Arts Advocacy Day - This is the Year!

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April 11, 2013

From: Arts Foundation Of Cape Cod

Did you know that the Massachusetts Cultural Council gets less funding today than it did in 2007? Did you know that it receives half as much as it did in 2000? Did you know the lottery was originally started to fund the arts?
The budget season is upon us on Beacon Hill and this is the year that we need to make our voices heard. What we are asking for specifically is that the budget for the MCC be increased to $12.5M - it is currently being proposed at $9.5M where it has been for several years.
The Governor's budget is out and the big buzz has been about his proposal to raise $1.9B in new revenues to fund initiatives in education and transportation. The House is now in deliberations about their budget proposals and then the Senate will duplicate the process. NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD!

All Cape towns (via the Local Cultural Councils) and most cultural organizations (via the Cultural Investment Portfolio, Adams Grant Cultural Facilities Fund, YouthReach, etc.) receive funding from MCC. This is a stark difference from other state funding vehicles (see school and local aid formulas) that disproportionately penalize the Cape due to their emphasis on population and property values.

Please take a minute to contact our Representatives and Senators and and ask specifically to have the Massachusetts Cultural Council funded at $12.5M, which is a pittance on a $22B budget. Tell them the arts are important to you and to Cape Cod because it elevates the quality of life and has direct positive economic impact. Tell them that is how you want to invest your money.

Here is the Cape's delegation:

House of Representatives:

Randy Hunt------617-722-2396------  
Timothy Madden------617-722-2810------- 
Brian Mannal-------617-722-2582----- 
Sarah Peake----617-722-2090------ 
Cleon Turner-----617-722-2090------ 
David Vieira------617-722-2810----- 
State Senate

Senate President Therese Murray-----617-722-1500-----
Daniel Wolf------617-722-1570------