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April 16, 2014

From: Asheville Area Arts Council

Your Input: Pending Graffiti Ordinance

April 17, 7:00-9:00pm at the AAAC 

The Public Safety SubCommittee of Asheville City Council is reviewing the possibility of the implementation of an ordinance to mitigate graffiti. Members of the subcommittee would like to hear from the community to better understand the issues surrounding graffiti as it exists in Asheville.

The ordinance will be discussed and explained, and the floor will be open to hear from the community, so that a better understanding may be gained about the impact of the ordinance should it be established, and what alternatives may exist. City staff and members of council will be present to learn and share concerns.

Click here for more information about the pending ordinance:

Asheville Arts Alive

Free Events and Artist Directory Featuring Unique Portfolios

Have you heard about the Asheville Arts Alive web portal? It's for you and it's free!

Announced at the recently held Creative Sector Summit, is a project brought to you by the Asheville Area Arts Council and the Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau. This website offers two main features: an events calendar and a directory showcasing artists, art organizations, creative businesses and amenities for tourists and residents alike. Each participant is able to create an individual profile to attract visitors with their unique portfolio. Artists and businesses may upload images, videos, events, special offers, tours, hours of operation. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination.

Over 9 million people visit Asheville and Buncombe County each year and spend about $1.5 billion. This tool gives locals in the arts community exposure through comprehensive online access. Visitor-oriented listings may also appear on Sign up at to see a list of criteria and to request an account. 

We hope you take advantage of this free web portal project. The more listings there are, the more exposure there will be for the arts community as a whole. Please note that entries/profiles are being collected now and the launch will be in June. It is important to get your information in as soon as possible so the "grand opening" in June will be as seamless as possible and be better formatted to meet artists needs. Take a moment to check out this resource and take advantage of it's benefits. 

Sign up today:


curated by Hoss Haley

As part of the Asheville Area Arts Council Point of View Program  LOOK AGAIN curated by Hoss Haley will be on display May 2 - June 15 with an opening reception held May 2 from 6:00-9:00pm. Hoss is a conceptually focused American sculptor and painter creating and residing in Asheville, North Carolina. Currently Hoss has been working on a series of sculptures using repurposed washing machines.  Throughout his career, the scrap yard has been an important source of both material and inspiration.  The landscape of the scrapyard changed dramatically with the declining economy in recent years.  The materials from a decade of explosive growth were replaced with low-grade materials, including an abundance of old washing machines. Hoss began working with the "skins" of the washing machines, manipulating and assembling the repurposed steel into several sculptures to create the White Series.

The socio-political component of the White Series resulted as a side effect, but it has slowly moved its way towards the forefront and is now the inspiration for LOOK AGAIN.  Artists have a unique opportunity to create work, which encourages people to see materials in a different light. This show will demonstrate a cross section of artists working in unique ways with byproducts of our contemporary society including plastic grocery bags, tin cans, wood, and scrap metal. Participating artists include Susie Ganch, Jaydan Moore, Tom Pazderka, David Emitt Adams, Kathleen Crabill, Julie Brookman, Anne Lemanski, and Hoss Haley.