Audrain County 4-H and Youth Fair 2019

Arts and Entertainment

July 8, 2019

From: Audrain County 4-H and Youth Fair

Schedule of Events:

Thursday, July 18, 2019

FFA Chapter Check in-5 pm
4-H Project Exhibit Check-in and Conference Judging-5 pm
Country Cured Ham and Bacon Check-in (Exhibit Hall)-5-6:30 pm

Friday, July 19, 2019

Ham and Bacon Judging-9 am
Beef Check-in, Weigh-in and Ultrasound (Livestock Complex)-2:30-3:30 pm
All Beef must be in-place-3:30 pm
Hame and Bacon Results Announcement (Livestock Complex)-4:45 pm
Fair Royalty Coronation (Livestock Complex)-5 pm
Beef Show (Livestock Complex)-5:30 pm
Mexico FFA Blue and Gold Supporters Cow Patty Bingo-4 pm

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Children's Barnyard Display (Small Animal Barn)-8:30-10 am
Barnyard Challenge Small Animal Show Registration (Small Animal Barn)-8:30 am
Open Small Animal Show Registration (Small Animal Barn)-8:30 am
Barnyard Challenge and Small Animal Show (Small Animal Barn)-9 am
Goat in place, Goat Check-in, Goat Weigh-in (Livestock Complex)-9 am
Rabbit Show Check-in (Small Animal Barn)-10 am
Goat Show (Livestock Complex)-11 am
Rabbit Show (Small Animal Barn)-11:30 am
Open Big Veggie Contest Registration (Pavilion)-12:30 pm
Open Big Veggie Contest Judging (Pavilion)-1 pm
Open Photography Show Registration (Exhibit Hall)-3 pm
Open Photography Show Judging (Exhibit Hall-3:30 pm
Dirt Drags (North Track)-6 pm

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Set-up pens (Livestock Exhibitors and Parents)-7:30 am
Church Services-(Livestock Complex)-10 am
Poultry Show Registration (Small Animal Barn)-9 am
Clover Kids Dog Show Registration (Small Animal Barn)-10 am
Clover Kids Dog Show (Small Animal Barn)-10:30 am
Poultry Show (Livestock Complex)-10:30 am
Dog Show Registration (Small Animal Barn)-10:30 am
Dog Show (Small Animal Barn)-11 am
Audrain Co. Sheriff K-9 Demonstration-11:30 am
Pedal Tractor Pull Registration (Pavilion)-12 pm
Pedal Tractor Pull (Pavilion)-1 pm
Poultry Show (Small Animal Barn)-10:30 am
Sheep Weigh-in, Check-in (Livestock Complex)- 12  pm
Open Dog Show Registration (Small Animal Barn)-1:30 pm
Little Mr and Mrs Audrain 4-H Fair Registration (Exhibit Hall)-2 pm
Baby Show Registration (Exhibit Hall)-1:30 pm
Open Dog Show (Small Animal Barn)-2 pm
Little Mr and Miss Audrain 4-H Fair Contest (Exhibit Hall)-2 pm
Sheep Show (Livestock Complex)- 2 pm
Baby Show (Exhibit Hall)-3 pm
Super Farmer Contest Registration (Horse Arena)-4:30 pm
Super Farmer Contest (Horse Arena)-5 pm

Monday, July 22, 2019

Swine Check-in, Weigh-in (North Barn)-6:30-8:30 am
Swine Show (Livestock Complex)-11 pm
Horse Show Check-in-4 pm
Horse Show (Arena) 5 pm

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Livestock Judging Contest Registration 9:40 am
Livestock Judging Contest-10 am
Livestock Complex Clean and Set-up Sale- 12 pm
All Livestock/Hams in place for sale (Livestock Complex) 1 pm
Foundation BBQ Dinner (Exhibit Hall)-4-6:00 pm
Livestock/Ham Sale (Livestock Complex)-6:00 pm
Livestock Barn Clean-up-following sale

Date: July 18-23, 2019

Location: Fairground, Mexico, MO 65265

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