Avanti Senior Living Develops The "A" Crew and Meets with Children to Brainstorm What Will Make Visiting Grandparents Fun

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May 12, 2015

Grandparents love when their grandchildren come to visit. Valuing family relationships and wanting to create a community that welcomes a broad range of visitors, Avanti Senior Living is developing a kids' program that will be implemented in their first community, Avanti at Towne Lake, this year and carried forward. The program will be called The "A" Crew and will be composed of the residents' grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This month, Avanti team members met with students grades one through five to see what activities, snacks, games and events would make visiting their grandparents a lot of fun.


"The brainstorming session with the kids was extremely valuable, and we plan to have additional focus groups with different kids in the future to gather even more ideas about what children want and like," said Tim Hekker, CEO for Avanti Senior Living. "We want the grandchildren of our residents to enjoy coming to see their grandparents because those visits make our residents happier. When grandkids come to visit, we do not want them to ask how much longer they have to stay, we would like for it to be so much fun that they ask, 'Can we stay longer, please?'"


As part of the first brainstorming session, Avanti team members spent an entire day with children to find out what it is kids like, what they enjoy doing and what would make visits with their grandparents a blast. They received feedback on the logo for The "A" Crew, ideas for snacks and meal options, as well as a broad array of interests to work with for developing future events and activities. The participating children suggested fun activities like Harry Potter parties and "How-to" classes in the art studio. When prompted about snacks, one adventurous participant had quite the palate and went so far as to suggest sushi and egg rolls.


"The brainstorming sessions were also a time for us to mentor the participating children by educating them on how to work in teams to develop new ideas," said Lori Alford, COO for Avanti Senior Living. "We discussed that it is important to be open to the ideas of others, that we must allow everyone a chance to speak without interrupting them and that you should always be a leader and your own person. One participant's mother came up to us after the session and exclaimed that usually her daughter was very shy, but that she felt comfortable in the environment we created and thus was very talkative. Her mother was overjoyed with her reaction to our session. It was rewarding to see and hear how quickly our lessons about teamwork were acknowledged by the children."


Avanti at Towne Lake is considering the idea of having a monthly "kids council" meeting after a special event or activity to get feedback on what the children like so far and what they would like to see in the future. Residents will also be prompted at resident council meetings to discuss their grandkids' food and activity preferences. This interaction will constantly challenge the Avanti team to come up with fresh ideas to connect the residents with their grandchildren.


"We apply the same strategy of fulfilling our residents' needs to fulfilling the needs of their visitors," said Lori Alford, COO for Avanti Senior Living. "We can think we know what they want, but instead of doing what we think they will like, we ask them so we are doing what we know they will like. The fact of the matter is that we are not them, so our assumptions can only take us so far. Whereas if we ask them what they would like or what they are interested in, we can have full confidence that we are meeting their needs in the right ways. We are passionate about creating a community in which quality time with family is a high priority. We want their time together to not only be fun but be meaningful and result in some special memories."


Avanti at Towne Lake will open later this summer and will include a program that truly brings families together. Once open, the Avanti at Towne Lake team will continue speaking with children who visit in order to maintain a tailor-made program that works to meet their changing and varying needs.   




Avanti at Towne Lake, an innovative senior living community combining revolutionary design, savvy technology and unrivaled care, is located in the heart of Cypress-Fairbanks area centered on Houston's largest private recreational lake amid the Hill Country. Avanti at Towne Lake will provide 50 assisted living suites and 40 memory care suites. Avanti's memory care, called Salize, will create a climate that is conducive to serenity at every level with purposefully designed open spaces, short, easy-to-see walkways and an abundance of natural light, so residents do not feel overwhelmed or challenged by hidden corridors.


Avanti at Towne Lake is close to two award-winning hospitals: North Cypress Medical Center and Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center. Both offer state-of-the art facilities and equipment, as well as several free screenings and seminars for residents to learn more about their health. The community is also close to premier shopping, located just north of Cypress' Premium Outlet Mall with 145 stores.


The layout of the community will give the residents easy access to various destinations, including a state-of-the-art wellness center with a ballet bar and fitness equipment, and a full service salon and spa, a medical suite, and a fully-functional art studio. Technologically savvy, Avanti at Towne Lake has charging stations and outlets in common areas to ensure that residents and guests can conveniently charge their Avanti customized electronic devices. In addition, the RFID keyless entries allow residents to enter and exit their suites without worrying about carrying their keys.


For more information about Avanti at Towne Lake, please visit the community website at www.AvantiTowneLake.com or call 832-653-4260.




Avanti Senior Living owns, develops and operates senior living communities. Avanti was launched in 2013 and is committed to redefining senior housing through forward-thinking design, inspiring and innovative culture and state-of-the-art technology. The company is based in The Woodlands, Texas. CEO Tim Hekker and COO Lori Alford founded the company with their combined 50-plus years of experience. Avanti's vision focuses on creating a culture that emphasizes personal choice and control to preserve resident dignity, while delivering world-class care and support and inspirational experiences.


Avanti senior living communities will initially be built in Texas, Florida and Louisiana. Then, the company will move into other markets nationwide. Each community will have 90-150 one and two- bedroom suites. Their vision is to fundamentally redefine the customer service experience for assisted living and memory care by providing a quality of life that embraces a holistic lifestyle filled with choice. Each Avanti community features resort-style activities and entertainment options boasting a stylish design, beautiful themed courtyards, a true art studio, an exercise room with a ballet bar and a full-service salon and spa, a nail bar and hair services and multiple destination locations.


Photos Courtesy of Avanti Senior Living

Photo 1: The Avanti Home Office team hosted a brainstorming session with children to gather ideas and insight about what the communities should include as part of The "A" Crew program to make visits with their grandparents more enjoyable and meaningful.