Bad News Bernie: Moreno Caught Cozying Up With 'Big Player' In FirstEnergy Scandal and Ohioans Call Out Moreno's Lies

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June 14, 2024

Columbus, OH – Bernie Moreno’s ears were burning this week as the Ohio Democratic Party wrapped up the Pants-On-Fire Tour where Ohioans called out the “string of inconsistencies” haunting him on the campaign trail. And while Ohio leaders called Moreno out as “someone who just does not tell the truth,” Moreno faced scrutiny for “welcoming” the support of a “big player” in the FirstEnergy scandal which cost Ohioans.


  • Bernie Moreno is facing more scrutiny after being caught “erroneously claim[ing]” credit for bringing 5G access to Cleveland and for opposing guaranteeing a woman’s right to access contraception, including birth control pills.

PANTS-ON-FIRE TOUR BURNS THROUGH OHIO: Moreno is facing further fire for his “inaccurate” claims as Ohioans across the state slam Moreno for “embellishing his upbringing” and for being “someone who just does not tell the truth.” Whether it’s lying about his phony “rags-to-riches” story, lying about selling Chinese-made cars, lying about shutting down Cleveland State’s Confucius Institute, lying about bringing 5G access to Cleveland, lying about “escap[ing]” socialism, or lying about his business origin story, Ohioans agree they can’t trust Moreno. Read more about Moreno’s “dishonest statements on campaign trail:”

  • Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz: “The first impression that voters in Ohio have of Bernie Moreno is that he is someone who just does not tell the truth.”
  • The Toledo Blade: “Mr. Kapszukiewicz expressed his concerns about claims Mr. Moreno has shared on the campaign trail that have proven to be inaccurate. He pointed to Mr. Moreno’s assertions that he did not sell the China-made Buick Envision when he owned a Buick-GMC dealership, but he did.”

SPOTTED: BERNIE COZYING UP WITH FIRSTENERGY KEY PLAYER: Moreno was caught this week “welcoming” the support of  a “big player” in the FirstEnergy scandal behind closed doors. Reporting revealing Moreno has been campaigning with Tony George, who had a key role in the scandal that led to a $1.3 billion bailout “that fell on the backs of… everyday Ohioans,” further proof Moreno only looks out for himself. This is not Moreno’s first time cozying up to individuals involved in the largest corruption scandal in state history, with previous reporting finding he “accepted a large donation” from another individual involved in the scandal.

BERNIE THE LIAR UNDER FIRE: After reporting from Ohio Capital Journal discovered that Moreno’s claim that he brought 5G to the City of Cleveland is just another lie that Moreno “still insists” on telling Ohioans, he continues to face scrutiny for his “erroneous” claims.

BERNIE OPPOSES A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO ACCESS CONTRACEPTION: After reporting last week revealed Bernie Moreno “doesn’t support” guaranteeing access to contraceptives like birth control for women across the country, Moreno is facing questions for being “on the opposite side of an issue supported by nearly 6 out of every 10 Ohio voters.” Read more from WVXU here about how Moreno “wants a federal abortion ban” and opposes protecting contraception.


  • Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz: “Pretend that you are from humble roots and you’ve made yourself into a winner… That’s a great line, but it doesn’t happen to be true.”
  • Axios Cleveland: “Senate candidate Bernie Moreno has erroneously claimed that the 2018 Blockland Solutions conference convinced AT&T to bring 5G to Cleveland.”
  • Cleveland.com: “Bernie Moreno, the Republican Senate candidate, once took credit for helping spur AT&T to offer 5G cellular data service in Cleveland… [But] the company’s 5G Cleveland project predated Moreno’s Blockland project, and that Moreno’s initiative if anything served to pressure local officials to approve the company’s pre-existing plans.”


CODA: “It’s pretty simple: Ohioans can’t trust Bernie Moreno. If he can’t tell the truth about little stuff, what’s he going to say when Social Security and Medicare are on the line? What’s he going to say if we go to war?”