Binghamton University student wins Sodexo's national EPIC Adventure sweepstakes

Schools and Libraries

April 14, 2017

Binghamton University student Violeta Arteaga was selected as one of 15 lucky winners in the EPIC ADVENTURE National Prize Sweepstakes by dining services partner Sodexo.

EPIC ADVENTURE is a resident dining promotion designed to engage students, foster interest in the dining program, and showcase culinary talent.

For the promotion, Binghamton University Dining Services (BUDS) held an EPIC Seafood Safari. In addition to MSC certified fish, BUDS featured its new Fresh Fish Wednesday at Chenango Room, which includes Red's Best, a Boston based seafood wholesaler which aggregates catch directly from over 1,000 small, independent New England fishing boats annually. 

"Arlene, the sweetest Sodexo worker in the CIW dining hall, handed me a flyer and told me to sign up for the EPIC sweepstakes," said Arteaga. "I took her advice and signed up not expecting to win at all. After completely forgetting I signed up, I opened up my computer to find an email telling me I am a winner of the sweepstakes. Something that took me less than 10 minutes to complete, was the best surprise I had in a long time!"

The BUDS management team personally presented the prize Arteaga selected, a $575 Cabela's® Paddle Board Package gift card.

For more information about Binghamton University Dining Services, contact Casey Slocum, marketing coordinator at 607 777 3014 and via email at