Binghamton University unveils enhanced Gifts from the Garden

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April 16, 2018

A newly enhanced vegan station by Binghamton University Dining Services (BUDS) offers student 600,000 possible meal combinations.

Unveiled by BUDS at its recent RU Green? Event at CIW Dining Center, the new and improved Gifts from the Garden is the latest plant-based addition to the ever-growing vegan and vegetarian movement on campus.

"With over 600,000 possible combinations, you would have to eat there three times a day for 950 years to try them all," said Executive Chef Rich Herb.

Gifts from the Garden features sizzling salads, grain bowls, and tacos for which students choose from greens, grains, plant-based proteins, and dressings.

Spencer Bruce, vice president of Academic Affairs for Mountainview College Council writes, "All of you down in CIW are making some delicious food for us to enjoy, regardless of dietary restrictions. Thanks so much for offering this updated station, I'll be stopping down a lot more often. Keep doing the amazing work that you do, I really appreciate it!"

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