Blake Masters for Senate: The Rundown for August 8, 2022

Government and Politics

August 9, 2022

Welcome to The Rundown! Here's your monthly update from Blake Masters' campaign & a roundup of our national media coverage.


Blake cruised through the Arizona Republican primary by double digits! Now it's full steam ahead to the general. Mark Kelly and the mainstream media have already begun their attacks.

Counting down: We're exactly three months out from the General Election in November.

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New Video Series: Joe Biden's Border Crisis

Blake released a four-part video series on Joe Biden's Border Crisis with Sheriff Mark Lamb.

Click here for Part 1.

Click here for Part 2.

Click here for Part 3.

Click here for Part 4.

First Ad of the General: “America”

In a new ad, Blake’s wife, Catherine, lays out why Blake is running to unseat Democrat Mark Kelly. “We all can recognize things feel different, things feel off,” she begins. “Blake’s doing this now because he wants a country that works. He wants Americans to be thriving. He's in it because he loves his country so much, and he loves his state so much.” 

Major Media: Highlights

The night before the primary, Blake joined Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss his race and America's worst Senator Mark Kelly. 

On the Ingraham Angle, Blake talked about the crisis at our Southern Border and those who are responsible for it.

Blake appeared on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to talk about his race, Mark Kelly, and the border.

On Breitbart News Saturday, Blake discussed how high the stakes are this November.

Recent Headlines

On the First TV, Newsweek's Josh Hammer joined Jesse Kelly to talk about Blake's win and how he'll change the GOP for the better.

In Breitbart, Blake's speech from President Trump's Save America Rally was reported on. In his speech, Blake ripped Mark Kelly as the worst Senator in America.

In the Arizona Republic, Blake sat down for an exclusive interview with Ron Hansen discussing Social Security, abortion, gun rights, immigration, and more.