Brad Wenstrup Announces Intent to Seek Re-Election in 2nd District

Government and Politics

November 25, 2021

Ohio -- On Nov 19th, conservative Republican Congressman Brad Wenstrup announced his intent to seek re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives in Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District. 

Due to constitutionally required redistricting, the Ohio House and Senate recently passed an updated congressional map, which keeps parts or all of the 8 counties Wenstrup currently represents in the newly presented 2nd District.

“I look forward to continuing to represent the hard-working people of Southern Ohio as I fight for the safety, security and economic prosperity of everyone I serve.” Wenstrup said. 

Wenstrup mentioned several key issues he’s focused on, including strengthening our supply chain, increasing access to health care, border security, military readiness, and caring for our nation’s veterans. 

“We must stop and think, are we leaving this world a better place for our kids and grandkids,” Wenstrup said. “What we do today has an impact on those we love and the trajectory of our nation. Today matters and the future matters even more.” 

When asked about the campaign moving forward, Wenstrup said. “I look forward to spending time in the new counties included in the district and listening, learning, and working tirelessly for all of our communities. We prepare now for 2022 when we can and will start re-building a healthier and stronger America.