Can Pets Like Ginger Count on You?

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April 15, 2019

Pets are family, too.

Ginger is Stephanie's loyal, trusted and loving companion. Stephanie has been coping with multiple sclerosis for more than ten years - a disease that increasingly strips away her ability to get out in her community, and these days, leaving her home can be difficult. It's her pup, Ginger, who makes Stephanie feel safe and loved in their home.

But caring for pets like Ginger takes a physical and financial toll on seniors who live alone.

Feeding, grooming and caring for them can be challenging with limited money and mobility. Without help from Meals on Wheels, many seniors cannot keep and care for their pets.

That's why it's so important that Meals on Wheels America supports programs nationwide to help feed, groom and even provide veterinary care to the pets of seniors in need.
Many more seniors and their pets need your help. Because pets are family.

Today, National Pet Day, is the perfect time to donate to help thousands of seniors – and their pets, like Ginger – stay together. Make your gift to Meals on Wheels America today.