Career Fairs Plant Seeds for Success

Schools and Libraries

March 25, 2014

wo of the main goals of Long Beach Public Schools are to provide students with college and career-readiness skills, and give them meaningful opportunities for community engagement. To help fulfill these goals, both secondary schools hosted career fairs in March, giving students a chance to meet and speak with local professionals. The guest speakers shared their keys to success and insights into dozens of traditional and nontraditional careers.

At the Long Beach High School Career Fair, students were able to network with professionals representing a wide variety of careers, including law, business, finance, food service, healthcare, public service, film and broadcasting, public relations, education, school administration, library services and the military. Students were also able to speak with representatives from technical school trade unions about apprenticeships in automotive, electrical, sheet metal and other trades. Students met with representatives from career and technical schools and explored summer job opportunities in the local community.

In the days leading up to the Long Beach Middle School Career Day, students filled out surveys to give them an idea of which careers might best suit their interests and abilities. The students were then paired with specific presenters based on their survey results. In small group settings, guest speakers talked about the skills and training they needed to be successful in their chosen careers, the tasks they perform on the job, and the challenges and rewards they experience on a daily basis. At the end of the day, students came away with a list of ideas for things they can start doing now to help them reach their future career goals in business, education, entertainment, fashion, health services, law and government, medicine and the trades.