CBA to host "Lawyers Call To Action" in Chicago

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October 31, 2017

Chicago neighborhoods have been suffering from continuous bouts of violence for quite some time now. It has almost taken the shape of an epidemic which signals a serious threat to safety of the residents across the city. When the city is in danger, it's the duty of the legal professionals to come forward and initiate active endeavors to address the problem with legit just solutions.

In that light Chicago Bar Association has announced to host a special event in coming month. Titled as "Lawyers Call to Action: Making Positive Change in Chicago", the event is scheduled on November 3, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The program would be hosted at CBA Building (321 S. Plymouth Ct., Chicago, IL 60604). The entry is free for all.

CBA's upcoming event extends great opportunities to lawyers to connect with different community organizations across Chicago and their leaders. Participant lawyers would get the scope to volunteer for the needed legal aid for these organizations as well as for the niche they cater to.

The event would commence with an exclusive MCLE Program. Titled as "Pro Bono: Making Positive Change in Chicago", the 1-hour long program would feature a discussion round by a bench of lawyers about . The main theme of the discussion would be on how to create a positive impact in our community via pro-bono engagement. The stress would be more on those neighborhoods which report staggering rates of violence & crime given absence of sufficient resources and infrastructure.

The panel discussion will be followed by direct communication between the lawyers & the attending community organizations. The attending lawyers would have the opportunity to engage in direct discussion with the community leaders and representatives to gather better understanding on their particular legal needs.  Based on these discussions, lawyers would be able to have an idea on how to provide legal assistance to these organizations.

Attending community organizations are welcome to clear their doubts and update their knowledge on a wide range of legal affairs in discussion with the lawyers at the event. It could be about State's professional licensing details ( like getting barber's license) or Social security claims for the disabled, wills & trusts , zoning requirements, child support, unemployment insurance, adoption, housing, record expungement, lease reviews and many more. The lawyers would also be ready to guide the attendees about legal requirements of SMEs or legal rights of senior citizens with VA.

The best part is that the CBA event is open to lawyers from all kinds of practice areas, be it civil or criminal or estate planning or divorce. Such a versatile panel board will consequently allow the attending community organizations to clear their understanding about legal affairs regarding any aspect of life. The event would extend one IL PR-MCLE Credit to all the participating attorneys. It's going to be an excellent opportunity for the lawyers to give back to the community.

For further information, call at 312-554-2056 or visit .