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January 9, 2018

From: Central Mass International Jewish Film Festival

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January 19, 2018

1:00 pm - Deli Man at Worcester Senior Center

(Snow Date: Friday, January 26, 1:00 pm)
Director: Erik Greenberg Anjou
92 minutes
Founded on recipes from Eastern Europe, old-time North American delis once numbered in the thousands, yet today there are only several dozen authentic delis left. The film follows deli owners and connoisseurs as they describe their love affair with corned beef, matzo balls, blintzes, pastrami, and pickles. Your tour guide through the history and highlights of this Jewish culinary phenomenon is Ziggy Gruber, the effusive owner of the popular Kenny and Ziggy's delicatessen in Houston, Texas. A mouthwatering salute to 160 years of gastronomic bliss!
Cost: Free

January 20, 2018

7:30 pm - A Quiet Heart at St. John's High School - Ryken Center, Remillard Hall, Shrewsbury

Opening Night Film
Director: Eitan Anner
2016 I
92 Minutes
Hebrew with English subtitles
Seeking refuge from the pressure of her life as a concert pianist, Naomi moves to Jerusalem, where she finds herself pulled into a struggle between her ultra-Orthodox and secular neighbors. Rejecting pressure to conform to the religious lifestyle, she receives escalating anonymous threats. This film conveys an air of creeping unease that leads to a surprising resolution.
Cost: $15

January 23, 2018

7:30 pm - Let Yourself Go at Worcester JCC Auditorium

Director: Francesco Amato
Italy I 2017
98 Minutes
Italian with English subtitles
In this screwball comedy, Elia, a distinguished psychiatrist, has great respect for the life of the mind, less so for his body and physical health. When his doctor insists that he start exercising, he hires Claudia, a feisty and uninhibited personal trainer. Soon his methodical and regulated life is swept into chaos as he finds himself letting go of more than just a few extra pounds.
Cost: $12

January 27, 2018

7:30 pm - Past Life at St. John's High School, Ryken Center, Remillard Hall, Shrewsbury

Director: Avi Nesher
Israel I 2016
110 minutes
Hebrew, English, German & Polish w/English subtitles
Two sisters, one a classical composer and singer, the other a fiery tabloid journalist, investigate a taboo topic: the mys-tery of their difficult father's experiences in Poland during WW II. Set in 1977 Jerusalem, this is a detective story about family, secrets, and identity. Inspired by the wartime diaries of Dr. Baruch Milch. The film's hauntingly beautiful score was composed by Ella Milch-Sheriff, the inspiration for the Stephi character.
Cost: $15

January 28, 2018

2:00 pm - ABE & Phil's Last Poker Game at Worcester JCC Auditorium,

Director: Howard L. Weiner
90 minutes
Featuring the late, legendary Martin Landau in his final acting appearance alongside Paul Sorvino, ABE & PHIL'S Last Poker Game is the story of Dr. Abe Mandelbaum, who moves into a nursing home with his deteriorating wife Molly, and forms an improbable friendship with gambler and womanizer, Phil Nicoletti. What seemed like the end of the road to Abe, soon becomes a whole new beginning. Their friendship is challenged when a mysterious nurse claims that her biological father resides in the home. Without children of their own, both men attempt to convince her as well as themselves, that they are her father. The film was written and directed by world- renowned neurologist and first time director Howard Weiner.
Cost: $12

January 30, 2018

7:30 pm - Itzhak at The Willows at Worcester, Great Room

Closing Night Film
Director: Alison Chernick
82 minutes
Itzhak, the critically acclaimed new documentary, showcases the life and music of Itzhak Perlman, widely considered one of the world's greatest living violinists. From his days as a boy with prodigious talent to today, Itzhak gives the world a glimpse of the world class virtuoso's private life, his performance and teaching abilities, along with his indomitable patience to achieve perfection.
Cost: $12

Date: January 19-30, 2018


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