Chabot for Congress - Update from the Campaign Trail for September 23, 2022

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September 24, 2022

Team Chabot continues to work hard across the district. This week comes with several important updates. The campaign released its second ad, titled "Can't Afford", on Wednesday. The campaign also published a release detailing how Greg Landsman's Pelosi-inspired agenda has contributed to record-shattering rent increases in Cincinnati. We also have updates on many of the events that Congressman Chabot has attended across the district in the last week!

Read on for these updates and more from the trail!

Congressman Chabot on the Trail

Congressman Chabot and Team Knocking Doors

Congressman Chabot continues to bring his message directly to voters' doors. This week Congressman Chabot knocked doors in St. Bernard and other parts of the district. Responses have been incredibly positive on the ground. Momentum is on our side as we enter the home stretch of the campaign!

Reading Septemberfest

This past weekend, Congressman Chabot attending Septemberfest hosted by Our Lady of the Valley in Reading. Congressman Chabot was born in a trailer park in Reading and spent the first few years of his life there. He's always thankful to return to this fantastic community. 

Moeller at St. X Football Game

There's nothing quite like Friday night lights in Cincinnati. Congressman Chabot attended the Moeller at St. X football game last Friday and greeted folks as the entered the game. Folks were excited about the game and making sure that we get our country back on track this fall.

St. Bernard Police Benevolent Association Annual Steak Fry

Last week, Congressman Chabot attended the annual Steak Fry hosted by the St. Bernard Police Benevolent Association. As always, thank you to the officers for their service. It was a great event!

New Ad - Chabot Campaign’s Second TV Ad: Cincinnati Mom Says “Our Families Can’t Afford Greg Landsman in Congress”

Mom Highlights Former Pelosi Staffer Landsman’s Record of Tax Hikes and Support for Out-of-Control Policies in Washington That Are Hurting Families

Congressman Steve Chabot’s campaign released its second television ad of the 2022 cycle on Wednesday. The ad, called “Can’t Afford,” highlights former Nancy Pelosi staffer Greg Landsman’s record of support tax hikes on the Cincinnati City Council and support for more of the Pelosi tax-and-spend agenda in Washington that is fueling inflation and hurting families.

“The Landsman-Pelosi tax-and-spend agenda pushed inflation to a forty-year high and hit hardworking families with rising costs on everyday essentials,” said Chabot for Congress campaign manager John Gomez. “That burden has been exacerbated for families living in Cincinnati by Landsman’s support for repeated tax hikes on the City Council. Southwest Ohio families simply cannot afford former Pelosi staffer Greg Landsman and his inflation-fueling, tax-hiking, out-of-touch agenda in Washington.”

Watch the ad, “Can’t Afford,” HERE.

Get the facts on former Pelosi staffer Greg Landsman’s record HERE.

New Release: Landsman’s Pelosi-Inspired Agenda Contributes to Skyrocketing Cincinnati Rents as Out-of-Touch Landsman Falsely Brags About Bringing “Rents Down”

Landsman’s Tax Hikes and Fee Increases on the Cincinnati City Council and Support for an Inflation-Fueling Agenda in Washington Dramatically Increase the Burden on Hardworking People and Families

Congressman Chabot’s campaign released the following statement on reports of massive rent increases in Cincinnati just days after Landsman bragged about how he “helped get… rents down.”

“Greg Landsman falsely bragged about how he reduced rents just days before a landmark report found rents in the Cincinnati area are skyrocketing, increasing by more than 25 percent in the last year, as a direct result of Landsman’s Pelosi-inspired agenda,” Chabot campaign manager John Gomez said. “Landsman’s repeated support for tax hikes and fee increases on the Cincinnati City Council and for his former boss Nancy Pelosi’s inflation-fueling agenda in Washington are dramatically increasing the burden on hardworking people and families in our area.”

“Not only have Landsman’s policies made it more expensive for families to afford rent, but he has also repeatedly voted to hike property taxes and fees making it more expensive to own a home and supported tax hikes and inflation-fueling policies that strain household budgets,” Gomez continued. “Landsman’s agenda is literally taxing people out of house and home as he continues to show a callous disdain for the impact his disastrous policies have on hardworking people and families.”

“To get rising costs under control, unleash the full potential of our economy and support greater prosperity in our communities, including the ability to afford housing, we have to reject Landsman, fire Nancy Pelosi and stop their shared tax-hiking, inflation-fueling agenda,” Gomez said. “On the campaign trail, Landsman refused to identify rising costs as a top issue, said ‘what does it matter’ when talking about his support for the Pelosi agenda and now brags about lowering rents as Cincinnati-area families face 25 percent rent increases — Landsman is simply too out of touch and too extreme to be in Congress.”

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported on Thursday that “the overall median rent in the Cincinnati metro area reached $1,682 in August, up about 25.8% from the same month a year ago.” The article notes “there’s no single reason why rents have been growing at such an alarming rate, but inflation and rising interest rates are pricing many buyers out of the housing market and increasing the pressure to rent.”

Rising interest rates are a direct result of Federal Reserve efforts to combat inflation that has remained at a 40-year high as a direct result of tax-and-spend policies supported by Landsman in Washington. Landsman also voted to increase property taxes, making it harder for people to afford a home, and he has repeatedly voted for other tax hikes and fee increases that contributed to rising rents and make it more expensive to live in Cincinnati. Get the facts here.

This Week’s Blog - "The Democrat's Plan"

This week's blog post is about what Democrats will do if they retain power this November and the devastating effects it will have on our country:

"What they plan to do should scare the bejesus out of all right-thinking people (and by right-thinking I don’t necessarily mean conservative-thinking, I mean sound-thinking or common sense-thinking.)"

Read the blog post here.

Volunteer and Join Team Chabot Today!

Chabot for Congress is always welcoming volunteers to help bring us across the finish line this fall. There are plenty of ways to volunteer, including helping us deliver yard signs, knocking doors, and making phone calls. 

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