Chabot for Congress - Update from the Campaign Trail for September 30, 2022

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October 3, 2022

It's been another big week for Team Chabot. This week, Congressman Chabot was endorsed by the U.S Chamber of Commerce. The campaign also released the truth about Greg Landsman and his defund the police agenda. We also have some highlights from events along the trail!

Congressman Chabot on the Trail

Congressman Chabot and Team Knocking Doors

Congressman Chabot continues to bring his message directly to voters' doors. This week Congressman Chabot was joined on doors by Ohio Treasurer of State Robert Sprague in Madeira. Along with Treasurer Sprague, Congressman Chabot was joined by some of our great interns who have been assisting with our ground game. Our team continues to break it's own records for numbers of doors knocked in a day!

Chabot Endorsed By US Chamber of Commerce

On Monday, Congressman Chabot held a small business roundtable to hear the concerns of local business owners at E-Beam Services in Lebanon. Many expressed concerns over the labor shortage, supply chain issues, and inflation. The Congressman then toured E-Beam's impressive facility and learned more about the important work that's being done right here in our district. The event concluded with the US Chamber of Commerce announcing their endorsement of Congressman Chabot for re-election. 

"Rep. Steve Chabot’s strong record of leadership and delivering results for the constituents of southwest Ohio are significant,” said Ryan Gleason, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Manager, Great Lakes Regional Office. “Congressman Chabot understands the challenges and economic needs facing the workforce and families in Ohio, and he is committed to pro-growth policies and free enterprise solutions that will move our nation forward. The U.S. Chamber is proud to support Rep. Chabot in his re-election.”

Read more about the endorsement here.

Avondale Day

Last weekend, Congressman Chabot attended Avondale Day. It was great to see so many families and organizations from the neighborhood participating and supporting the community!

Warren County Applefest

Warren County is home to some of the best festivals in Ohio's First Congressional District. Applefest is easily one of the best of the bunch. Congressman Chabot enjoyed his time meeting folks as they attended the festival! It was a perfect fall day in Warren County!

New Release - Landsman Relies on Fellow Soft-on-Crime Politicians to Lie About His Defund the Police Record

Landsman’s Plan Was Described in the Press as “The Definition of Defunding” the Police

Congressman Chabot’s campaign released the following statement on Greg Landsman’s latest television ad desperately trying to obscure his record on public safety by hiding behind fellow left-wing politicians who also support soft-on-crime policies.

“Families in Cincinnati, Hamilton County and Warren County all deserve to be able to walk down the street in their community without fearing violent crime — and they also deserve the truth about Greg Landsman’s support for radical policies to undermine law enforcement,” said Chabot campaign manager John Gomez. “As homicides and violent crime were on the rise in Cincinnati, Greg Landsman voted to deny law enforcement $1 million in badly needed resources to keep communities safe and introduced a proposal that WLWT reported constituted ‘the definition of defunding’ the police.”

“Now, as he faces accountability for undermining law enforcement and putting our communities at risk for greater violent crime, Landsman is relying on his fellow soft-on-crime politicians to lie about his record,” Gomez continued. “Landsman’s is trying to obscure the truth about his record by hiding behind fellow politicians who’ve also supported soft-on-crime policies and accepted endorsements from organizations that support defunding the police.”

“The simple truth is Greg Landsman can’t hide from his record and can’t deceive First District voters by hiding behind fellow soft-on-crime politicians,” Gomez added. “Keeping families safe and cracking down on violent crime in our region starts with voting to stop Greg Landsman’s campaign for Congress.”

“The men and women of law enforcement put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe,” said Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police President Dan Hils. “When Cincinnati faced rising crime, Greg Landsman sided with left-wing radicals and introduced a plan to defund the local police. Landsman even voted to strip a million dollars from law enforcement. Congressman Steve Chabot supports the local police and has been a fierce advocate for first responders. Steve Chabot has our back and will keep our communities safe.”

Get the facts on Greg Landsman’s support for defunding the police and undermining law enforcement HERE.

Read more about Congressman Chabot’s support from local law enforcement HERE and HERE.

New Story: Biden's Mix Record Forces Ohio Democrats into Odd Balancing Act

This week, a new story from the Associated Press was released discussing our race. Below is an excerpt that I wanted to share with you all; 

"A recent Landsman campaign event included his releasing a 5-year-old wire-haired dachshund named Jerome in a wiener dog race as Oktoberfest celebrations thronged the city's downtown. Chabot, that same weekend, greeted would-be voters at a smaller, Catholic church-sponsored street festival in the nearby town of Reading, where he was born.

'I know a lot of people who are not Democrats and they are definitely going to be voting,' Jean Huneck, a 67-year-old who owns a small mechanical engineering business, said of the new, ostensibly bluer district. Huneck is a registered Democrat but supports Chabot and said the GOP needs big November wins to counter Biden.

'I feel like our livelihoods are depending on it,' she said."

Read the full story here

This Week’s Blog - "Commitment to America"

This week's blog post is about the new Republican Commitment to America - 

"There’s an awful lot in it, but the following are some of the most important commitments. We are committed to pushing for a strong economy. How? Well by reversing the Democrats’ policies which have led to inflation and higher and higher costs on virtually everything."

Read the blog post here.

Our End of Quarter Goal

If you've been reading these emails for a while, you know I never ask you to donate. Well, until now. Today is our CRITICAL end of quarter. This is one of our last major fundraising deadline before the end of the election cycle. 

Everything is at stake this November and we need your support to help get our country back on track. Please consider donating to help get us across the finish line.