Chris Dempsey Announces Worcester County Endorsements

Government and Politics

June 28, 2022

WORCESTER, MA, - On June 27th, candidate for State Auditor Chris Dempsey along with State Rep. Mary Keefe and other elected and community leaders met with commuters to discuss recent MBTA issues and to announce a slate of Worcester County endorsers for Chris Dempsey for State Auditor.

Chris Dempsey along with:  State Rep. Mary Keefe, Former State Rep. Roberta Goldman, Worcester Democratic City Committee Chair Mary Anne Dube, Democratic State Committee Member Carlos A. Garcia, John P. Brissette, Democratic State Committee Member, Shrewsbury Finance Committee Vice-Chair Vikramjit S. Chhabra, Millbury Democratic Town Committee Chair Kevin Johnson, Worcester Registrar of Deeds Katie Toomey, and Community Leaders Maxwell Agyemfra, Jack Murray, and Guillermo Creamer Jr met with Worcester commuters on June 27th, at Union Station to discuss the ongoing MBTA issues and what changes need to be made. 

The Candidate also announced the following endorsements from Worcester County elected officials and community leaders:

Natalie Higgins, State Representative (4th Worcester)

Mary Keefe, State Representative (15th Worcester)

John Mahoney, State Representative (13th Worcester)

Roberta Goldman, Former State Representative (Shrewsbury)

Paul DePalo, Governor's Councilor (District 7)

Katie Toomey, Registrar of Deeds (Worcester)

Etel Haxhiaj, Worcester City Councilor (District 5)

Tristan LaLiberte, Auburn Select Board Vice-Chair

Sue Coghlin Mailman, Worcester School Committee Member

Jermoh Kamara, Worcester School Committee Member

Jason Palitsch, Shrewsbury School Committee Member 

Erin Hughes Canzano, Former Shrewsbury School Committee Member

Vikram Chhabra, Shrewsbury Finance Committee Vice-Chair

Suzanne Remington, Shrewsbury Town Meeting Member

James Bedard, Democratic State Committee Member (Worcester)

John P. Brissette, Democratic State Committee Member (Worcester)

Mary Anne Dube, Worcester City Committee Chair

Carlos Garcia, Democratic State Committee Member (Shrewsbury)

Beth Shea Bryant, Shrewsbury Democratic Town Committee Co Vice-Chair

Lisa Talbot, Shrewsbury Democratic Town Committee Co Vice-Chair

Shannon E. Wall, Shrewsbury Democratic Town Committee Treasurer

Maxwell Agyemfra, Community Leader (Worcester)

Guillermo Creamer Jr., Community Leader (Worcester)

Donna M. Gordon, Community Leader (Southborough)

Jack Murray, Community Leader (Worcester)