Chris Dempsey's Statement Regarding the Recent the FTA Assessmenton the MBTA

Government and Politics

June 16, 2022

Boston, Mass., - On June 16th, Democratic Candidate for State Auditor Chris Dempsey released the following statement regarding the recent Federal Transit Administration assessment on the MBTA and Senator DiZoglio’s vague and insufficient call for a “safety audit”

“As a regular MBTA rider, the safety of our public transit is deeply personal to me. The FTA assessment only confirms my recent observations. Just recently, I was on the Green Line when two other Green Line trains collided, shutting down service and causing me and many other riders to question their safety. I have spent my entire life riding public transit and a major part of my career has been fighting to increase access and affordability of our public transit system and making it more safe for riders like my family.

Senator DiZoglio’s statement on June 16th, is more empty calories from a campaign that is long on press releases but short on policy ideas and executive experience. She includes no details on how she would actually conduct an audit or appropriately staff the Auditor’s Office to perform such a technical study. A more prudent approach is to let the Federal Transit Administration -- which has engineering and safety-systems expertise -- to continue its unprecedented work, and then to use the powers of the Auditor’s Office to ensure that the recommendations of the FTA are followed by MBTA management. I will ensure that the FTA’s recommendations are actually implemented and don’t just become another report that sits on a shelf while riders are in harm’s way. That will be my approach as the next State Auditor -- and as a statewide elected official who personally relies on a safe MBTA system.

I will be the first statewide elected official to commute to work by public transit in over 30 years; no one is more invested in our public transit system than I am, and I am fully committed to partnering with the FTA, the MBTA Board of Directors, and other stakeholders in ensuring the system is safe for me, my family, and other riders.

The inaction by our State House is directly correlated with the lack of elected officials who take public transit. I invite Senator DiZoglio to join me for a ride on the MBTA to see what the system is actually like and to understand how it can be improved.” Said Chris Dempsey