City of Berwyn Communications Center Awarded PowerPhone Recertification for Emergency Medical Dispatch

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December 10, 2015

MADISON, CT---PowerPhone is pleased to announce the recertification of the Berwyn Communications Center (City of Berwyn, Illinois) for the Total Response system to support Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD). A formal presentation of recertification was made before the City of Berwyn City Council on September 22, 2015.

PowerPhone conducted a full audit and review of the City of Berwyn's Emergency Communication Center's call response operations to confirm accreditation qualification.

"We're very happy to award the City of Berwyn with recertification in Total Response to support Emergency Medical Dispatch," said PowerPhone CEO Jerry Turk, "There are many reasons why the City of Berwyn has been wonderful to work with, but their commitment to continuing education and training definitely stand out as one area where they have far exceeded our minimum standards for accreditation." Employees at Berwyn's Emergency Communications Center have actively participated in PowerPhone continuing education courses for years. All members of the communications section are currently enrolled in PowerPhone's continuing education subscription program.

The City of Berwyn Communications Center also meets PowerPhone's reaccreditation requirement for an ongoing call assessment program, a major component of PowerPhone Total Response. Berwyn currently documents call reviews with fair and constructive feedback and analyzes data trends for areas of improvement in training and performance. Call assessment also helps identify which continuing education courses to focus on for best results, and allows call handlers to learn from each other's calls and experiences to prepare for new or unusual scenarios.

PowerPhone's Total Response System offers integrated protocols for police, fire and EMD response. The City of Berwyn has adopted the EMD subset of Total Response for medical calls only.

Berwyn was first awarded with Total Response Accreditation for Emergency Medical dispatch in August, 2013. The recertification lasts for a period of two years and will expire in September, 2017. Berwyn's certification is in full compliance with the State of Illinois' EMD certification mandate.

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PowerPhone, a 31-year-old privately-held Connecticut corporation, is a leading provider of emergency communications technology, consulting and training. PowerPhone's single-system Total Response approach ensures consistent call handling and the highest standard of care. As the first organization to develop integrated protocols for police, fire and emergency medical dispatch, PowerPhone has helped raise call handling standards throughout the world. For more information,